This Day In Norwood History-January 8


H. Frank Walker Retires From Norwood —Began as Boy During Civil War.


NORWOOD. Jan 8 — H. Frank Walker, who has retired from the after a continuous service since the Spring of 1884, has had 51 years of fire fighting. Mr. Walker served on the Board of Engineers Of the Norwood department for 29 years.

When he was a boy in the town of Northboro, most of the men were absent at the Civil War, and the town bought a new tub, which was manned by boys and old men. Mr. Walker became a member of this company, Assebet No. 1, in 1864. His first public experience as a fireman was going with the company on June 17, 1864, to Marlboro, to assist in the reception to the Ninth Regiment on its return from the war.

Mr. Walker continued in this company for five years. His next service was in Westboro, when he “ran” with the hook and ladder company of that town in 1871 and 1872.

His first service in the Norwood department was in 1876 and 1877, as a member of . When the hook and ladder company was organized and the apparatus purchased in 1884, Mr. Walker was made foreman. He served for two years and in 1886 was appointed to the Board of Engineers, on which he served continuously until he retired.

Mr. Walker has been closely connected with the growth and organization of the department. The water service was installed soon after he became an engineer. He has seen two central fire stations built and was the contractor who built the first, now the town office building.

Mr. Walker is a building contractor and is building inspector of the town, having held that position since it was established in 1910. He is chairman of trustees of Orient Lodge, ., a member of , a , and also belongs to , Nobles of the Mystic Shrine of Boston.

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