This Day In Norwood History-May 22

, Roebuck to Build Store In Norwood Center

Civic, business and government leaders of the Norwood area joined with Sears, Roebuck and Co. executives today in a groundbreaking ceremony signaling the start of a new 31,500 square foot Sears store in the Norwood Shopping Center in Norwood.

At a breakfast held at the Holiday Haven Restaurant, T. A. McDermott, Sears Boston Metropolitan retail manager, announced that the new unit will house more than 20.000 square feet of modern selling space in the one-floor building.

“The new unit,’ he said, “will be a complete department store, and will contain 21 complete departments.’’

Modern in every detail, the store design, fixtures and equipment will reflect the latest and best features in Sears newest stores. This new Norwood unit epitomizes all Sears has learned about shopping r conveniences in its 35 years of retailing experience.

A six-car service station, a garden and patio shop, air conditioning and a customer parking lot for approximately 700 autos are some of the features to be incorporated in this new Sears store.
McDermott stated, “The new Norwood store is an important part of the company’s expansion program. Our new store will present to shoppers of the Norwood area the company’s most recent innovations in display and merchandising procedures. Every aesthetic consideration and everything which will offer the greatest convenience to the customer has been designed into this store.”

According to plans completed by the architectural firm of the William E. Nast Co. of Boston, the new Sears unit will be in modern style.

Contract for the construction of the store has been awarded to the Canter Construction Co, of Boston.

Opening of the new store b scheduled for late Fall.

Sun, May 22, 1960 – 40 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

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