To Be Developed With Eye To Future Construction Of Recreation Center

William L. Hyland, chairman of the Norwood Servicemen’s Building Committee, accompanied by committee members Irving Berkland, Edward F. Farmer, Howard M. Horton, and Ernest F. Zinkowski, appeared before the Board of Selectmen Tuesday night with three requests which would not only get the veterans memorial building project underway, but which would begin preliminaries for a municipal recreation center

Mr. Hyland said that the site of the present Civic Center had been selected for the proposed memorial building, but that since this land had been given to the town for playground# purposes, it would be necessary to file a bill with the Massachusetts Legislature to obtain permission to use the area. The matter was referred to the Town Counsel for action by the Board, with the view that the bill will be introduced at the next Legislative session.

Mr. Hyland also asked that the Board appoint someone, possibly a Selectman, to work with his committee. Chairman Sture Nelson named Selectman George H. O’Brien to act as “liaison officer” between the two groups.

The Board agreed to consider in its 1948 budget for action at town meeting an appropriation for architectural services for the planning of a municipal recreation building. Mr. Hyland requested that this he considered to an extent necessary to assure a proper coordination of the two proposed buildings on the same site. He said that he contemplates the planning of the two structures by one architect acceptable to his committee and to the Selectmen, and that he wants the project to begin this year.

Mr. Hyland also told the committee that he had discussed the memorial project with Leon P. Smelstor, superintendent of recreation, since the tearing down of the present Civic Center will interfere with the recreation department’s activities. Smelstor said “that the construction will not interfere with baseball, since the location of the diamonds could be shifted, and that such activities as basketball could be carried on elsewhere temporarily. While the present tennis courts will be eliminated, there will be room left for four to six courts on the Hoyle street side when the memorial building is completed.