OFF FOR THE BIG TOWN—The members of the Father McAleer Corps of St. Catherine’s parish line up in front of the bus that transported them to New York last Thursday for their appearance in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Rt. Rev. Jeremiah F. Minihan, pastor of St. Catherine’s Church, was on hand to bid them God speed as they left nor the metropolis. (McLean Photo)

A large crowd was on hand outside St. Catherine’s Church Father MacAleer Fife and Drum Corps boarded a Greyhound bus for New York where they will be the first musical unit in the line of march for the annual St. Patrick’s parade of Fifth Avenue.

By bus, train, and plane, scores of Norwood citizens also are en route to New York to witness the colorful parade which police estimate will be viewed by between two and three million spectators. They will be along the line of march to Wave a cheery greeting to the Father Mac Aleer contingent as they proudly wear their green and gold uniforms in the parade. The Rev. Richard F. Walsh, their leader, will lead the long procession as it winds its way along Fifth Avenue to the cheers of millions of spectators. The weatherman has promised clear and sunny skies for the brilliant spectacle.

Among those from Norwood who will view the parade are: Mary McKeown, Mrs. Stephen Connolly, Claire Barry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cotter, Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds, Jane Flaherty, Margaret Flood, Mary Walsh, Ruth Burns, Mary Donahue, Katherine Flaherty, Teresa Dixon, Mary Alice Adams, Dotty Carr, Gloria Kelly, Betty Maguire, Sue Doyle, Pauline Wiford, Julia Flaherty, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glynn, Catherine Maguire, Mary Hayes, Andrew, Patrick and Malackey Kelliher, Phil Linehan and party, John McDonough, Dinger Bell, and Bart Greaney.

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