Shamrock Pub Norwood Mass

NORWOOD, May 24—Two big liquor raids were conducted by the Norwood police this afternoon, following closely on the heels of the two raids of the preceding evening.

At 4 o’clock this afternoon. Chief of Police William Kindelan led a squad of officers in a raid upon the store of James F. Burke at 175 Railroad av. where soft drinks and near-beer supposedly are dispensed, finding Burke himself behind the bar, with five men standing in front of it and glasses filled with liquor upon the mahogany. Fifty-three gallons of hard cider were seized in the place, as well as four bottles of Jamaica ginger and 19 quarts of mixed liquors.

A simultaneous raid was pulled off by another squad of police at Burke’s home on Plimpton av. where a large quantity of hard cider was seized. In two raids on Friday night the police seized 25 gallons of moonshine, one 15-gallon still, and destroyed 29 gallons of whisky mash, arresting Toufie Bader and Joseph Yourguliswicz on charges of making unlawful sales and of keeping and exposing for sale intoxicating liquor. The two were arraigned in the local court today and their cases continued till Thursday, Bader being held in $500 bonds and Yourguliswlcz in $600.