(photo by LLKearney)

By 1930, the Germantown neighborhood had doubled in size since 1900 – Bullard had grown to have approximately seventeen houses, Wilson and Walpole Streets both had approximately twenty-four houses each. Most of the people who lived here were of German descent, but a few others of different heritage had begun to live in this neighborhood. It’s a lovely day for a stroll through Germantown in 1930. The neighborhood was growing and most of the residents owned their own homes. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and let’s go meet the neighbors. Start on Walpole Street right about 1/4 mile from the “Entering Norwood” sign and walk north toward Norwood center…..

A few Gottscheers Homes on Walpole Street (photo by LLKearney)

This stroll has been divided up, to make each page a short read, and to allow the “stroller” to stop and catch their breath before continuing on.

At the intersection by the Walgreen’s, turn left onto Wilson Street

A view down Wilson Street (Source: Google Earth)

Turn left on to Wilson Street

At the end of Wilson Street, turn left onto Bullard Street (Walpole)

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