1930 German Residents of Bullard St., Walpole (second half)

The Doderer House (photo by LLKearney)

#166 Bullard – The home of Carl Doderer

Carl Gotlieb Doderer was born 31 Aug 1874 in Backnang, Baden, Germany and died 28 Nov 1941 in Walpole. He was the son of Heinrich Freidrich Doderer and Christine Friederika Baumann. He married 17 Jun 1899 Bertha F. Schaier in Norwood. She was born Sept 1878 in Johlingen, Baden, Germany and died 23 Oct 1959 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Joseph Schaier and Elizabeth Albrecht, who lived art #14 Bullard Street. Carl and Bertha (Schaier) Doderer were the parents of seven children – Carl (1900-1900), Elsie (1901-1948), Elizabeth (1903-1975), Arthur (1906-1998), Harold (1910-1930), Bertha “Edie” (1912-1998) and Clara (1915-1913).

The Sigmund House (photo by LLKearney)

Carl worked for many years at the Bird Paper mill.

#121 Bullard – The home of George Blanchard

            (This was the original home built by Joseph Sigmund, a Gottsheer around 1900.)

#119 Bullard – The Home of Joseph Knaus (this house was torn down in the early 2000s)

Joseph Edward Knaus was born 26 Feb 1878 in Mitterdorf, Gottschee and died 23 Jun 1957 in Walpole. He arrived in the United States with his mother, Franesika “Frances” Debelad (Dobelak) and his sister Angela 26 Oct 1895. He married 1 Jan 1900 Louise Emma Schaier in Walpole. She was born 1881 in Walpole and died 28 Dec 1968 Walpole. She was the daughter of Joseph Schaier and Elizabeth Albrecht, who lived at #14 Bullard Street. Joseph & Louise (Schaier) Knaus were the paretns of five children – Joseph (1900-1948), Walter (1902-1947), Frieda (1905-1992), Hilda (1908-1998) and Edward (1911-1988).

Joseph had a variety of jobs through out his life. He worked on a farm as a labor. He worked in the Winslow Bros & Smith tannery and at the Bird paper mill. When New Pond was constructed, Knaus’ property became waterfront property. The Knaus’ built a picnic grove on their land and rented it out for a variety of organizations and groups to hold celebrations.

#111 Bullard – The home of William Aho – Finland

#109 Bullard – The Home of John Petrovick

The J. Petrovick House (photo by LLKearney)

John Petrovick was born 23 Jun 1883 in Bilje, Orehovlje, Austria and died 15 Nov 1954 in Walpole. He was the son of Joseph & Maria [?] Petrovick. He married 10 May 1910 to Carolina Petrovick in Bilje, Orehovlje, Austria. She was born 1 May 1888 in Bilje, Orehovlje, Austria, and died 24 Feb 1961 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Frank Petrovick and Josefa Sillic.

The family arrived 13 Dec 1920 in New York. They were heading to brother-in-law Emil Bisdnack in Walpole when they arrived in 1920. Their name was spelled “Petrovcic” in arrival papers. The family lived at 109 Bullard Street. John worked for many years at the Winslow Bros & Smith Tannery. John and Caroline (Petrovick) Petrovick had seven children – Ivan (1911-1921), William (1914-1995), Dragina (1918-1920), Helen (1922-1992), Mary Ann (1924-2017), Emil (1928-???) and Dorothy (1931-2005).

The F. Balduf House (photo by LLKearney)

#107 Bullard – The Home of Fred Balduf

Frederick Carl Balduf was born 13 Aug 1883 in Norwood, MA and died 1954 Walpole. He was the son of Julius Balduf and Louisa Kuld. He married Lillis Alma Darrow about 14 Sept 1901 in Norwood. Lillis was born 20 Mar 1883 in Milan, OH and died 23 Apr 1949 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Martin E Darrow and Emma McIntyre. Fred & Lillian (Darrow) Balduf had 16 children – a son, Lawrence, Alma, Jennie, Alfred, Lillis, Elise, Grover, Lydia, Morton, Evelyn, Lillian, Louis, Freida, Dorothy and Ellsworth. Fred work at the Winslow Bros & Smith Tannery for decades.

The O. Knaus House (photo by LLKearney)

#105 Bullard – The home of Oswald Knaus

Oswald Knaus was born 6 Aug 1846 in Ort Mitterdorf, Gottschee, and died 22 Aug 1923 in Walpole. He was the son of Bartholomaus Knaus and Agnes Barthol.  He married in 24 Sept 1871 to Franziska “Frances” Debeljak (Dobelak) in Mitterdorf, Gottschee. She was born 5 Aug 1841 Ort Mitterdorf, Gottschee, and died 16 Oct 1921 Alstead, NH. She was the daughter of Bartholomaus Debeljak and Maria Kosmerl. The family came to the United States in 1891, arriving in New York and they were in Massachusetts when Oswald made their first application for naturalization in 1895. They officially became US citizens in 1905. By then they had been living on Bullard Street for several years. Oswald worked for the Bird Paper Mill, which was a short walk away. Oswald and Frances (Debelak) Knaus had five children – Louis (Alois), Josephine, Joseph, Angela and Charles, all of whom were born in Gottschee

The Eppich House (photo by LLKearney)

#104 Bullard – The home of John Eppich

John Eppich, born 12 Feb 1875 Tiefenthal, Gottschee, and died 14 May 1957 in Norwood. He was the son of Anton & Maria (Eppich) Eppich. John married Magdalena “Lena” Eppich in Gottshee. She was born 28 Jun 1878 in Tiefenthal, Gottschee, and died 1941 in Norwood. She was the daughter of Franz Eppich and Maria Meditz. Family lived in Norwood and Walpole. The family arrived in 1905 and were living next door to first cousin, Mathias on Wilson St in #116.  John & Lena (Eppich) Eppich were the parents of four children – Joseph (1899-1971), Mary (1901-1980), Sophie (1907-2001) and John 1915-1969). John worked for Bird & Son for many years.

The Erker House (photo by LLKearney)

#103 Bullard – The home of Joseph Erker

Joseph Erker was born 22 Feb 1877 in Kerndorf, Gottschee, and died 14 Jan 1960 in Walpole. He was the son of Andreas Erker and Maria Verderber. He married 25 May 1903 Josefa “Sophie” Kolner/Koellner in Norwood. She was born 4 Jan 1883 Ebenthal, Gottschee, and died 1964 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Carl/Charles Kolner and Mary/Maria Sigmund. Lived at 103 Bullard and Joseph was a tannery worker. Joseph & Sophie (Kolner) Erker had ten children – Joseph, Mary, Hedwig “Vicky,” Emma, Frank, Walter, Sophie, Edward, Philip, and Eleanor.

#40 Bullard – The home of Andrew Hoegler

The Hoegler House (photo by LLKearney)

Andrew Hoegler was born 30 Nov 1871 Tiefenthal , Gottschee Austria and died 10 Jun 1957 in Walpole. He was the son of Andreas Hogler and Ursela Honigmann. He married 1902 Mary Koestner. She was born 1888 in Austria and died 30 Jul 1957 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Joseph Koestner and Mary Margaretha Wolf. Andrew and Mary did not have any children. Andrew was the cousin of Joseph Sigmund also on Bullard Street.

#18 Bullard – The home of Theodore Michenzi, Italy, papermill

#14 Bullard  – The home of Bessie (Schaier) Robertson,

The Schaier-Robertson House (photo by LLKearney)

Bessie Edith Schaier was born 12 Mar 1887 in Walpole. She lived her whole life on Bullard Street.  In 1900, her parents were renting a house on Bullard Street, possibly 198, but by 1910 they owned the home at #14, which is where Bessie continued to live for many years. Bessie married first in 1907 to George E. Robertson in Walpole. They had three children: Frederick, Edward & Wilhelmina. Bessie married secondly in 1930 to Frederick G. Tobin, and they had two children: Margaret & Thelma.

Bessie’s parents, Joseph & Elizabeth and her siblings Wilhelmina, Maria, Carl and Bertha arrived in the New York May 1, 1881. The family’s final destination must have been Walpole/Norwood as baby Louisa was born one month later there. The Schaier family was from the same town as the Balduf family. In fact, Joseph’s sister, Katherine married Peter Balduf (no issue). He was the brother of Julius and Fred who lived in Norwood.

Carl Joseph Schaier was born 28 Jan 1842 in Johlingen, Baden, Germany and died 30 Jun 1901 in Walpole. He was the son of Kasemir Schaier and Franziska Fuchs. He married 10 Nov 1867 to Elizabeth Regina Albrecht in Johlingen, Baden, Germany. She was born 27 May 1845 in Oetisheim (or Otisheim), Germany and died 21 Apr 1924 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Jakob Albrecht and Elizabeth Schaller. Joseph & Elizabeth (Albrecht) Schaier had thirteen children, seven who grew to adulthood, and three lived on Bullard Street!

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