A view of the Cottage Street Extension. The large brick building on the right is the Folan Building and it faces Washington St. Note dinners are enjoying outdoor seating at Lewis’. (photo GoogleEarth)

Cottage Street forms the Town Square’s southern side. On the opposite side of Washington Street, Cottage Street is largely a residential, this portion of Cottage Street is an extension, which runs from Washington Street ending at Broadway and is largely commercial. It was added in the 1920s when the Town Square was created.

Lewis’ (photo LLKearney)


Lewis established 1940, was once only a men’s bar (front side).

Link to This Day in Norwood article on Lewis’ Grand Opening

10 Cottage Street Shops (photo LLKearney(

10 Cottage Street

In this store block has been home to many businesses over the years. At one time it was Norwood Trophy & Engraving, and I believe a clock repair shop operated out of this block. Today there is a restaurant and a small market.

On Corner of Cottage & Central

Across from Lewis’s on the Split was the A & P Supermarket. Yes, it was just the A&P supermarket, but on the opposite corner of// Central and Cottage was the First National Supermarket.

The Old A&P building (photo by LLKearney)

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