The Sigmund House (photo by LLKearney)

#512 Walpole – Home of Emil Sigmund

Emil Edward Sigmund, was born 16 Feb 1896 Tiefenthal, Gottschee; died 22 Mar 1948 Norwood. He was the son of Joseph Sigmund and Maria Hoegler. He married 8 Jan 1925 Nena Johnson-Holmberg in Walpole. She was born 15 Nov 1900 in New York and died 20 Apr 1995 Norwood. She was the daughter of (adopted parents) Gustaf Holmberg and Gertrude Johnson. According to the 1930 census, Emil worked as a chauffer and by 1940 he was a truck driver for a paper mill. Emil & Nena (Holmberg) Sigmund became the parents of three children – Patricia, Ronald and Gertrude.

Emil immigrated to the United States, arriving October 27, 1912 at just 16 years old. In his arrival papers he noted he left his father Joseph Sigmund in Austria, and that relative John Hoegler was in New York, which appears to be where he was heading. However, by 1920 he was living in the home of Joseph Pogrelz in Norwood, even though his brother Joseph was living around the corner on Bullard St.

It should be noted, that Emil’s brothers, Joseph and John also moved to Norwood and Walpole. Initially they both lived in Germantown. Joseph (1872-1921) was on Bullard Street, where he owned a considerable amount of land. At the time with the Norwood Housing Authority was buying up land to form New Pond. Joseph sold his Bullard Street property and bought a house on Fisher Street. Joseph married 1 May 1897 to Josefa “Sophie” Eppich in Walpole. She was born 20 Mar 1873 Tiefenthal; died 1933 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Anton Eppich and Maria Eppich. Emil’s brother John arrived in New York on his way to Norwood, MA in 1899. In 1900, he was living in his brother Joseph Sigmund’s house on Bullard Street. He married 20 May 1911 to Josefa “Sophia” Kresse in Manhattan, NY. She was born 3 Jan 1888 Austria and died 8 Dec 1965 Walpole. She was the daughter of Josef Kresse and Lena Honigman. By 1930 the couple had purchased a house on High Plain Street, a home that remained in the family in to the 2000s. John worked at a local paper mill.

The Eckhardt House (photo by LLKearney)

#508 Walpole – Home of Carl Eckhardt

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Carl Eckhardt was born 27 Apr 1872 in Reichenbach, Baveria, Germany and died 19 Jul 1941 in Norwood. He was the son of Daniel Eckhardt and Elisabetha Schneeberger. He married 27 Mar 1897 to Louisa A. Balduf in Norwood. She was born 21 Nov 1877 in Norwood and died 26 May 1966 in Norwood. She was the daughter of Julius F. Balduf and Louisa Kuld. Carl & Louisa (Balduf) Eckhardt had nine children, four that died in infancy/childhood, the others, Winfelt, Edson, George, Adeline, and Stanley grew to adulthood.

Carl arrived in the United States 18 Apr 1886 with his brothers Jakob and Daniel. They came through New York and it appears (image is fuzzy) they list themselves as “musicians.”  It appears Jacob soon returned to Germany as his marriage is recorded there in 1887, however, Philip soon came to Norwood as he was living in Carl’s home in 1900. Carl worked at the Tannery as a laborer for may years.

Carl’s parents, Daniel and Elizabetha married 28 Dec 1854 in Reichenbach, Baveria, Germany. They had at least six children, and at least three of their sons settled in Norwood, Carl, Daniel and Philip.

The Readel House (photo by LLKearney)

#506 Walpole – Home of Maria (Werning) Readel (Readel/Riedel/Reidel)

Widow, Maria Elizabeth (Werning) Readel was born Feb 1883 in Essen, Germany and died 2 Jun 1972 in Walpole. She was the daughter of Gustav Werning and Maria Beck. She married 11 Jul 1901 John Willard Readel in Norwood. He was born Nov 1857 South Dedham and died suddenly on 24 Nov 1909 in Norwood of a heart attack. He was the son of Johan Peter Readel and Anna Elisabetha Reineck. John W & Maria (Werning) Readel were the parents of five children – Herbert, Elizabeth, Irene, Helen and Evelyn. After her husband’s death, Maria continued to live at this home which she owned. In the 1910 census, it appears she was renting some rooms to another family, but in later censuses, it appears her children may have contributed to the bills as Maria never had an occupation listed in any of the censuses.

Brothers Johan Peter and William Balthazar and their wives and children came to South Dedham in mid 1860s. They settled in the first Germantown neighborhood near the Everett Furniture Mill where they worked. The family did not follow the other German furniture makers to Boston when the Everett Furniture factory closed. William’s son, George Readel, and his cousin John Willard Readel (J. Peter’s son) lived in Walpole Street in the Germantown area.

The Polgrelz House (photo by LLKearney)

#504 Walpole – Home of Joseph Polgrelz,

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Joseph Pogrelz. He was born 2 Feb 1890 in Koflern, Gottshee; died 28 Nov 1972 in Norwood. He was the son of Andreas Polgrelz. He married Maria/Mary Eppich, born 21 Dec 1891 Tiefenthal, Gottschee; died 1946 in Norwood. She was the daughter of Mathias Eppich and Magdalena Samide. They married 7 Oct 1914 in Kings Co., New York Joseph arrived in the United States in 1907 he noted his relative in the US was Andrew/Andreas Polgrelz of Walpole and Joseph worked for the Winslow Bros & Smith tannery. Joseph & Mary (Eppich) Pogrelz had two daughters – Helen and Frieda.

#500 Walpole – Home of John Verderber

The Verderber House )photo by LLKearney)

John Verderber, son of Jacob Verderber and Sophia Blaeschner. He was born 2 Sept 1875 in Mitterdorf, Gottschee; died 4 Feb 1944 in Norwood. He married 16 Jul 1904 Josefa “Sophie” Eppich in Norwood. She was born 1879 in Tiefenthal, Gottschee; died 4 Feb 1944 in Norwood. She was the daughter of George Eppich and (Magdalena) Helena Beachnet. This family lived at 500 Walpole St., Norwood and John worked in a bookbindery. John & Sophie (Eppich) Verderber had eight children – John, Adolph, Helena, Carl, Edward, Sophie, Justine and Emma.

#492 Walpole –  Home of Vitus Gleichauf

Vitus Gleichauf was born 19 Feb 1866 in Futzen, Bonndorf, Baden, Germany and baptized there on 21 February 1866 and died 1943 in Norwood. He was the son of Georg Gleichauf and Suzanna [?]. He married 22 Aug 1894 Therese Ulrich in Norwood. She was born May 1870 Hesse, Germany and died 1954 Norwood. She was the daughter of Martin Ulrich and Therese [?] of Jamacia Plain. Vitus & Therese (Ulrich) Gleichauf became the parents of three children – Arthur, Else and Clara.

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Vitus arrived in the United States on 1 Jul 1882 and was naturalized in 1888. The family lived on Walpole Street. Vitus was the first president of the Turnverein and worked as a steam engineer.

#484 Walpole – Home of Henry Fahenholt, Massachusetts, salesman for grocer

The Knaus House (photo by LLKearney)

#481 Walpole – Home of Lena Knaus, Austria, no job listed

Charles Knaus was born 14 Sept 1883 Ort Mitterdorf, Gottschee; died 1 Oct 1945 in Norwood. He was the son of Oswald Knaus and Franziska “Frances” Debeljak. He married 27 Oct 1906 Magdalena “Lena” Fitz in Walpole. She was born 1882 in Austria and died 24 Mar 1971 in Norwood. She was the daughter of Johan Fitz and Lena Tschinkel. Charles & Lena (Fitz) Knaus had three children – Charles, Sophia and Helen.

#479 Walpole – Home of Rudolf Elisher

Rudolf and Annie (Balduf) Elisher (courtesy of Susan Bannon)
The Elisher House (photo by LLKearney)

Rudolph Johannes Elisher, was born 18 Feb 1865 in Krain, Gottschee; died 1932 in Norwood.  He was the son of Johan Elischer and Maria Groh. He married 10 Oct 1906 Norwood Annie Frances Balduf. She was born 25 Apr 1876 in Norwood and died 15 Aug 1955 Norwood. She was the daughter of Julius Balduf and Louisa Kuld. Rudolf & Annie (Balduf) Elisher had one daughter, Grace Olive (1919-2010)

Rudolf arrived in New York 27 Nov 1883, by 1890 he was living in Norwood. Census records indicate he worked as a finisher at the tannery.

#476 Walpole – Home of John B. Snyder, German, grocer, owns business

#450 Walpole – Home of Fred Anderson, Massachusetts, owns gasoline station

#468 Walpole – Home of Carl Ostrum, Sweden, carpenter at bindery

#462 Walpole – Home of Carl Olson, Massachusetts, carpenter

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