Henry B. Mylod house, circa 1990 (Source: MACRIS database)

Henry B. Mylod bought his ¼ of an acre house lot on the corner of Vernon and Nichols Streets in June of 1884 from George L. Rhodes. (Rhodes purchased the property three months earlier from Priscilla C. Fairbanks). The description indicates there were no buildings on the lot when Mylod purchased the property. He would have built the Queen Anne style home that graces the property today, around 1886. The Mylod family lived in this home until the 1920s, probably until Laura Mylod’s death in 1926, when Harold W. Gay took over managing the property. Gay was the trustee for the estate of Mylod, it appears he rented the home for a couple of years before he sold it to. Charles and Jennie Sansom in 1930.

            Elements of Mylod Queen Anne Style house:

  • Roofline – mix of shingle styles
    • Detail in gable fascia
    • Porch and window casings are Italianate
    • Granite foundation – implies older
    • “L” shaped plan
    • Corner bay “tower”
    • Railing & posts
    • Window sashes

Henry B. Mylod was born 1834 in South Dedham, he was the son of William Mylod and Delina Morse. He grew up on the 42-acre family farm in South Norwood, which the family sold off in 1860. Mylod Street is named after the family and it was here where the family farm was located. By 1855, Henry was living in the Christian Hill neighborhood, in the home of Ebenezer F. Gay, and was working as a store clerk. Mylod’s entire work career was working as a clerk in a dry goods store. He retired sometime before 1900. He married in October of 1863 to Laura A. Moses in Dedham. She was born in 1838 in Unionville, CT and was the daughter of Orrin Moses and Polly Tuttle. Together Henry and Laura had two children, Cora Mabel (1865-1917) and Byron M (1867-1947). Henry died in 1916 and Laura died in 1926, they are buried in Highland Cemetery.

The Henry Mylod house today. (photo by LLKearney)

The next to own this home was Charles Dunette Sansom, born in 1891 in New Brunswick, Canada to Edwin and Minerva Sansom. He worked for over 20 years in Norwood in construction as a carpenter. He married in 1912 Jennie Dorcus in New Brunswick. She was born 1890 in New Brunswick, Canada, the daughter of William and Margurite Dorcas. The couple had one son, Frederick Louis (1918-1961).  Although it appears the family sold the home in the early 1940s, they continued to live in Norwood until their deaths. Jennie died in 1946 in Norwood, and a year later, Charles remarried to Georgette Patry. Charles died in 1958 in Norwood. Both Jennie and Charles are buried in St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery in New Brunswick, Canada.

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