First Congregational Church (photo LLKearney)

First Congregational Church.

Originally was the site of the impressive house of Edmund Shattuck and his wife Emma Morrill Shattuck who was the daughter of Morrill Ink Works owner George Morrill. Edmund Shattuck managed the Ink Works one of Norwood’s prosperous industries until his death in 1903. At one point in it’s history Morrill Ink Works, on Pleasant St was the second largest ink producing industries in the United States. In 1924 Emma Shattuck donated Shattuck Park to the town for a park in perpetuality. This was the first of her original plans to create a “green necklace” of parks and open space in Norwood. This plan was never realized due to the development of Highland cemetery, and other developments down Nichols Street to New Pond (Willet Pond) Their daughter Maude, who was a Library trustee for over 35 years, including the Mary Knowles Communist Librarian incident, lived on the estate until her death in 1962.  After Maude’s death in 1962 the house was raised, and the property now belongs to the First Congregational Church. The original carriage house still stands and is used as a parish hall by the Baptist Church next door.   The First Congregational Church had a few different meeting houses one being across the street where the medical/office building stands. Walpole St at that time was known as the Wrentham Rd.

Looking down Winter Street — “Doctor’s Row” (photo LLKearney)

Winter Street aka “Doctor’s Row

Stately homes built for doctors as Norwood Hospital expanded. The two brick apartment buildings were built on the back property of Dr. Lewis Plimpton’s house. Dr. Plimpton was put in charge of the temporary hospital housed at the Civic Center during the Spanish Flu epidemic that took the lives of over 100 Norwood residents, most of them immigrants. The carriage house is still visible and the front of the house, greatly altered, is directly across from the Morrill Memorial Library. These homes remained doctors’ residences and offices well into 1960s.

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