These news items were the talk of the town on July 28, 1905

Peter Fisher and family go to Minot this week for their summer vacation.

Rev W B. Eddy of North Cambridge, was in town last Tuesday.

J. P. Hamlin has two new houses ready for occupancy on Cross Street.

Delicious sweet potatoes, 0 lbs. for 25 cents, at Clark’s Grocery.

Miss Josephine Reed is spending her vacation at Waterville, Me.

William G. Hyatt and Chester E. Stone spent last Sunday at Revere Beach.

Charles Hubbard’s lunch bar has received a new coat of paint.

Mrs. F. W. Bateman and her daughter Marion, are at North Scituate Beach.

W. D. Huntoon and family left Norwood for Southport, Tuesday morning.

Letter carrier James J Reardon has resumed his duties, after his annual vacation.

Miss May Rafuse of Vernon Street, resumed work at J S. Cushing’s last Monday, after a two weeks’ absence.

Miss Maude Woods is spending her vacation at Talbot Elms, West Scarborough Me.

Roy Bentley of Clark’s Grocery will spend his annual vacation at South Walpole, with his grandparents.

Engineer James Bunney has recovered from his recent illness and has gone to work.

Francis Churchill, Lottie Spearwater, and George Smith, have been spending a week’s vacation in Hull.

Charles Frizell of Dorchester, visited at the home of Miss Edna McElhinney this week.

Mrs. Herberts. Chickering and Miss Liola ‘Leach will leave next week for Wolfboro, Me.

Mrs. Downes of Fitchburg, has been visiting at the home of Rev. W. R. Vaughan on Nichols Street.

Miss Ethel H. Robinson and Miss Ruth Rhoades left Monday for Portsmouth, N. H., where they will spend a short vacation.

Several Norwood people visited the family of Edward D. Baker at their summer cottage at Lake Archer, Wrentham, last week.

Mrs. Alfred Stone of Lynn, was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Chalmers of Vernon Street, during the early part of the week.

Carl Erickson, who is now employed by the Merchants’ and Miners’ Steamship Co., was visiting friends here during the early part of the week

Warren Smith of Railroad Avenue, has returned from a three week’s cruise on cattle ship Rover, plying between Fall River and New York City.

The crowd at Westwood Park last Sunday evening was one of the largest ever seen there. After the show, seven cars left for Norwood and five for Dedham.

A large “Racer” snake has been seen recently in the vicinity of Prospect and Winter streets. One who has seen it says It is about ten inches around and about nine feet long.

Last week Herman Brinnan injured his foot. The injury has developed to blood poisoning and at the present writ-g he is unable to follow his employment.

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Fred E. Colburn took his family on an automobile trip to North Scituate last Sunday, returning home Monday morning. Mrs. Colburn and her daughter will not come home until next week.

Mrs. S. W. Balentine and son Warren, left Norwood Friday of last week for Sidney, Maine. Mrs. Balentine will return in a few days, but Warren is expected to remain there the rest of the summer *

No Glows Carriage Paint Made will wear as long as Devoe’s. No others are as heavy-bodied, because Devoe’s weigh 3 to 8 ounces more to the pint. Sold by Geo. E. Sanborn.

Miss Eva Lone, an employee of the Norwood Press, is reported ill.

Delicious sweet potatoes, d lbs. for 25 cents, at Clark’s Grocery.

W. F. Varuum and family took a trip to Revere Beach last Thursday afternoon.

J. W. Conger is away on his annual vacation.

H. E. Rice and family loft last Tuesday for a week’s vacation at Scituate.

Joseph D. Entremont left here last Monday for a two months’ trip to the Provinces.

Mrs. John Stainer has been entertaining Miss Jennie Monteiuer of Jamaica Plain, this week.

The Hustler is planning to soon have an attractive new sign placed on the front of his store.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Butler are the happy parents of a baby girl born recently.

William Ryan is being visited by his sister, Mrs. McPherson of Moncton, N B., whom he has not seen for 42 years.

Harley Sanborn, the clerk at the Norwood Central depot, spout last Sunday at Paragon Park Nantasket beach.

Rev. George W. Nead last Sunday supplied the pulpit at the Baptist church at Pennacook.

Henry D Crowley, associated with James A. Halloran in his Norwood office, is taking a few weeks’ vacation.

Arnold Hartmann sailed from New York yesterday for an extended trip abroad.

Perley B. Thompson spent last Wednesday at New Bedford as the guest of J. S. Cushing and J. Brown Hanscom.

A large number of young people from Canton attended the band concert here last Wednesday evening.

Miss Lillian Laidlaw of Fleming’s bindery, will leave Sunday for Halifax, N. S., where she will spend several weeks.

The warm weather during the past week or two, has caused much suffering in the form of summer complaint among the little children of the town.

Miss Mabel Mollison has returned to her duties at the Norwood Telephone Exchange.

Norwood Telephone Exchange building

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Newton and their daughter, Miss Edith, returned last Saturday from their annual vacation spent in New Hampshire.

Several members of Tiot Lodge, No. 50, I. O. O. F., went to Dedham last Tuesday evening and witnessed the installation of officers.

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Nahatan Tribe, No. 89, I. O. R. M., held a regular meeting last Tuesday evening and rehearsed the degree of Adoption.

Holy Communion will be celebrated at the Methodist Episcopal church Friday evening at 7.45. The pastor will be assisted by Rev. Walter Healey of East Dedham M. E. church.

The young people’s Society of the Methodist church held an ice cream sale last Wednesday evening during the band concert. The sale was held in the vestry and was well patronized by those listening to the music.

The work of repairing the Bigelow block annex, which was considerably damaged by fire a few weeks ago, is being pushed rapidly forward by Milton H. Howard and it will soon be in good order again.

The many friends of Albert Thompson of Winter Street, Westwood, who was injured during the Fourth of July parade, and was afterwards taken to the Hompmathic Hospital, will be pleased to know that he is expected home tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gilbert have been spending a few weeks at Talbot Elms, West Scarborough, Mo. Mr. Gilbert returned to his work at Clark’s Grocery last Monday morning, and Mrs. Gilbert is still in Maine.

Delicious sweet potatoes, 6 lbs. for 2; cents, at Clark’s Grocery.

Samuel Saunders has accepted a position at the Plimpton Press.

Harold Atwood has accepted a position with Arthur Ide.

William Schell of Walnut Avenue, is recovering from an injury to his foot.

Miss Josie Scannell and Miss Aunit Lahey are contemplating a trip to Maine

John Havey is running as spare motorman on the Old Colony Street railroad.

Lawrence Eaton is suffering from an abscess on his hand. He was obliged to see a physician again last Wednesday.

Mrs. G. W. Nead has gone to Bedford, Ohio, for a month’s vacation. Iler son, George, accompanied hor

John Lyons has removed his family from the Fisher building, over the police headquarters, to Dedham.

Miss Marie Dunne of South Boston, is spending a couple of weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Callahan.

Thomas Mahoney has resigned his position as conductor on the Old Colony Street railroad.

Nahatan Tribe, No. 89, 1. O. R. M.» will hold a special mooting in Odd Follow’s hall next Monday evening.

Thomas Ladall, foreman of the pressroom of the n. M. Plimpton Co., goes on his annual vacation to Brant Rock today.

C. V. Kelley, station agent at the Norwood station, returned to work last Tuesday.

Paul, the infant son of Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Vaughan, has recovered from his recent illness.

Chosen Knights commander, K. of M., worked the scarlet degree on four candidates last evening. Two were from Norwood and two from Hyde Park.

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Miss Irene Sweeney, Miss M. Graham, and Mrs. M. Gremin of Cambridge, have been the guests of Mrs. A. F. Russell of Washington Street, during the week.

Wilber Eaton of the electrotyping department of the Norwood Press, has returned from a two weeks* vacation which he spent at North Anson, Maine.

James M. Folan, who had his left leg amputated a few weeks ago at the Carney Hospital, Boston, is rapidly recovering and is expected home next Sunday.

Edward W. Jewett of Vernon Street, has recently purchased a summer cottage at Asbury Grove, near Lynn. His family is now spending the summer there.

The baptism of children at the Methodist Episcopal church will be held next Sunday morning at the close of the sermon. It is expected that quite a number will receive the rite of baptism.

Miss Mabel Kane of Summit Avenue, who has recently undergone a successful operation for appendicitis at the Massachusetts General Hospital, has fully recovered and is visiting her aunt in Lawrence.

There seems to be some misunderstanding as regards where to find band concert programs. They are placed in all the stores that advertise in the program and a large number are distributed around the bandstand before the concert begins.

The Norwood Bank will soon be open to the public. It will occupy the lefthand tenement of the Bigelow Block Annex. The painters have nearly finished their work and the furniture will be put in as soon as they are through. It is rumored that within a week, the bank will be open for business.

Next Saturday, the Norwood baseball team, will play the strong Lowncy Chocolate Co. team at Mansfield. The game promises to be very exciting and interesting, as the Lowncy team has beaten many strong teams including Walpole, in which game the score was 8 to 7. It is expected that quite a number of local fans will accompany the team to Mansfield.

(Originally published in the Norwood Advertiser and Review)