These news items were the talk of the town on October 3, 1957

Notes Of Local Interest

The St. George’s Young Ladies’ Sodality will conduct their annual whist party on Thursday evening, October 24, at 8 p.m. Please mark this on your calendar.

A large group from St. George’s parish is planning to attend the New England Lithuanian Sodality annual convention at Lowell on October 6.

Timothy Kelliher of 5 North Avenue, Norwood, Is still confined to the Norwood Hospital.

Francis Whitty, stricken ill several weeks ago, is reported to be making steady progress.

St. George’s ham and bean supper last Sunday evening was a tremendous success with over 200 parishioners in attendance.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivatts of Washington Street,, Norwood, spent their annual vacation at Hampton Beach, N.H.

George W. Barton, Jr., of Rockhill Street, Norwood, enjoyed a leisurely visit to Nantucket.

Mr. and Mrs. William Ivatts, Sr., of 8 Rockhill Street enjoyed a tour of Canada.

Patrolman William Costello Is vacationing from his duties this week.

Sgt. Eena Balutls is on vacation.

Stanley Kalis, Sr., of Norwood, is home following a month’s hospitalization.

On Thursday, October 10, Stanley Kalis, Jr., of Nicholas Street, Norwood, will be celebrating his seventh birthday.

Columbus Day, October 12, will mark the twelfth birthday of Victor Lapuszynski of Lewis Avenue, Norwood, who will be eleven years old.

Marie Grosso of Dean Street celebrated her first birthday on October 2.

Home from the Norwood Hospital Is Gasparas Pazniokas, Sr. of Heaton Avenue, Norwood.

Anne Glebus of St. James Avenue, Norwood, is home following hospitalization.

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(Originally published in the Norwood Advertiser and Review)