Formal Exercises at New Methodist Episcopal Church, Norwood, Attended by Large Congregation.

New Methodist Episcopal Church at Norwood

The new building of the Methodist Episcopal church was formally dedicated yesterday afternoon. The interior is very handsome and makes one of the most beautiful houses of worship here. On each pew are designs carved in wood. The sides and ceilings are finished in wood set in panels.

There are a number of memorial windows. including a large “temperance’” window over the front entrance, containing total abstinence mottoes. This is the gift of Henry H. Faxon. Another beautiful window is the gift of former pastors. The money for completing the interior and grading the ground was donated by Mr George F. Willett of Winslow Bros & Smith company. Mr Willett, as his father-in-law, Hon F. O Winslow, stated in his address yesterday, was a pupil of the Boston University and his gift is in part payment of a debt of gratitude to that Institution.

The services yesterday were attended by a large congregation, in which all the churches were represented. The three Norwood pastors. Rev W. B. Eldiv of the Universalist church. Rev George W. Nead of the Baptist church and Rev K. C. Ewing of the Congregational church, participated in the services, as did Rev H. C Wright of Cleveland and Rev Wesley Wiggin, two former Methodist pastors. A very practical sermon on “God is Love” was delivered by Rev Dr. C. W. Rishell. professor of history at Boston University. Hon F. O. Winslow of Norwood delivered a brief address local music was rendered by a mixed quartet from Boston. Solos were given by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Adams of Boston.

Formal dedicatory services according to the Methodist ritual were then conducted by Rev W. T. Perrin, DD, presiding elder.

09 Sep 1901, Mon The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)



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