Norwood, under a local committee just organized, and under the general chairmanship of Miss Anna R. Ellis, Post-Master will take an active and exciting part in the celebration of national air mail week during May 13-21, including a first mail flight.

Ann Rachel Ellis, the first woman to serve as postmaster in Norwood history

The nationwide Air Mail week program has three main objectives, (1) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of Air Mail Service that was instituted by the Post Office Department on May 15th, 191S. (2) to educate the citizens in the use of air mail showing its progress, dependability, safety, and value, and (3) to increase the use of Air Mail which will in turn increase the revenue and make possible the expansion of Air Mail service.

A special cachet is being made advertising Norwood which will be stamped on all air mail letters throughout the week upon request at the Post Office. Joseph Garside as official pilot will fly a special airmail pick-up flight to the East Boston Airport following a program at the local airport on May 19th. This pick-up flight will go down in history as an event of importance since it will be Norwood’s first mail flight.

Envelope featuring the special cachet created for Norwood’s air mail week (in red)

The local executive committee is headed by Miss Anna K Ellis with F. M. Adelmann as vice chairman, and John R Russell as treasurer The Honorary committee includes William C. Kendrick, town manager; Sturc Nelson, chairman of the Board of Selectmen; and Walter F. Tilton, President of the Norwood Trust Co.

Other committee chairmen and their assistants are: publicity, Louis Orent, chairman, W. W. Everett, Caroline Harrison. A. K Parker, Stanley Garrett, F. W. Adelmann, Anna R. Ellis; education, Lincoln D. Lynch, chairman, Leighton S. Thompson, Mrs. W. C. Harbour, Charles Hayden, Mrs. Ethel A. Cooke, Morrill Seaman, civic and fraternal, Arthur B. Rodgers, chairman, Mrs. J. H. Butler Jr., Eugene Nelson, James II. Butler, Jr, and F. A. Hayes, Mrs. Edward Bullard; business and professional, Charles V. Britton, chairman, Arthur Allen, John W. Regan, Mrs. F. A. Fales, Eugene Connolly, Francis A Foley; air mail pick-up schedules and services, Post Office employees, Joseph Garside, Henry Kent.

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