Major Stop Taken In Preparation of Housing Development

The area bounded by Pleasant st, Dean street, Route 1 and East Cross Street was developed by Dr. Frederick Cleveland and was known as Cleveland Park.

The foundation for the first of five houses to be erected on the Cottage Gardens Development was laid Wednesday, Dr. Frederick A. Cleveland, owner of the development, said yesterday.

The area, consisting of 150 acres, has been in a state of preparation for a number of years. An approved drainage system has been established on the lands which were swampy meadows when Dr. Cleveland purchased the area for his development. Two miles of carefully planned roads have already been built, and the construction of the proposed houses is the first major step in the extensive building program to follow.

Most of the houses to be constructed under the present plan will be of the Cape Cod cottage style or of the two-story colonial type, with costs ranging from $500 to $6500.

Dr. Cleveland said that the plan is “to build homes rather than just houses.”

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