This Day In Norwood History-November 16, 1933-Many Bequests In Will of F Holland Day

Society and Servants Among Legatees

, Nov 16—The will of Fred Holland , last of a well-known old family of this town, who died on Nov 2, has been filed in the Court at Dedham, revealing numerous bequests. Mr. Day from infancy possessed considerable wealth. He never engaged in business but wrote short stories, was a highly successful amateur photographer and had been awarded many prizes for his work. He was an artist of recognized ability and was interested in genealogy. He was engaged in writing a history of Norwood at the time of his .

While no inventory has been filed and no bond furnished it is believed the is a substantial one. By his will he leaves each of the servants who have been in his employ for three continuous years $250; to trustees his stocks, bonds and investments, they to pay the net income quarterly, three quarters to his housekeeper, of Dedham as long as she lives and one quarter to of Five Islands, Me, and on their deaths or on the death of either one a share of the fund proportionate to the share that the deceased one had been receiving shall be paid to the , two-thirds of which payment to be for the sole benefit of the society and one third to be added to the funds of the , to be established.

He leaves to the Dedham Historical Society his share of stock in the , and in the of Pawtucket, R I, these to be the nucleus of a trust to be known as the Trust, upon the following conditions: That the Dedham Historical Society shall direct the Norwood Trust company to pay to Alfred of Norwood, an old family employee, one-quarter of the dividends, this to be paid after the testator’s death, during Tanneyhill’s life from the shares of the Norwood Trust Company; if before 1970 a charitable corporation should be formed under the name of the in Norwood and run for one year to the satisfaction of the Dedham Historical Society the Joseph Day Trust fund may be paid and turned over to this society, except so long as shall live to be paid his share.

If the Norwood Historical Society is not formed before Jan 1, 1970, then all the property of the Joseph Day Trust shall become the property of the Dedham Historical Society.

Mr. Day leaves to the Dedham Historical Society all tangible personal property not otherwise disposed of, also the stock in the and the bonds of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, also the residue of his property. The will was drawn March 8, 1928.

Thu, Nov 16, 1933 – 6 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

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