Many summer visitors visiting Norwood are among the antique lovers who enjoy browsing around in all the antique shops they can find. At Miss Abby Spear’s Antique shop at 525 Washington Street many fine pieces of glass can be found to add to collections. There are also some unusually sturdy handmade pieces of furniture in this shop of superlative antiques.

Speaking of visitors reminds us of traveling. If you do travel by automobile this summer, the greatest factor in driving enjoyment and safety is the knowledge that your tires are in excellent condition. At the Dunlop Tire & Rubber Corp, at 4S9 Washington Street in Norwood, a 50th Anniversary Sale is going on with Dunlop Tires as low as $5.54 which can be bought on the budget plan at 45c a week. Automobile accessories are also on sale at one half price. Good tires mean greater safety for all.

For Summer Dancing

At camps and cottages an essential item is a phonograph with the new records. The Alice Gift Shop is the only store in town, I believe, where you can get Decca and Bluebird records of all the popular songs recorded These are priced at 35c. Needles both the full tone and half tone are priced at 10c.

At the Bond Shop a sale on all their dresses which were priced from §1.98 and §2.98 is going on with all of them priced at §1.85. These include rayon shantungs in all sizes, cottons, and voiles, sizes up to 54, and silk rayons in sizes up to 44. The styles include the popular Dindries shirt makers, swirl skirts, tailored, and princess styles.

For Delicious Ice Cream

Have you been down to the Neponset Valley Ice Cream stand cream! It is smooth, creamy, and delicious. And if you haven’t had any you’ve really missed something.

To get back to the subject of clothes, the Norwood Women’s Shop has some fine cotton laces which have been reduced in price. These come in all the junior sizes in white, blue, aqua, and navy. They are grand for all kinds of wear and launder like a handkerchief.

And back to food again, I’d like to tell you about the stand which is run by one of Norwood’s well known men, Mr. Johnnie Reynolds. It is the IN THE VALLEY STAND on Route 1. Going from Norwood towards Providence it is in a valley on the left. A special feature is their fried clams which are prepared by an expert with only the finest materials used. They also feature other fine foods and ice creams.

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