Dr. Philip O. Coakley of Norwood is one of 48 school superintendents from throughout the nation who are attending the 10th annual Advanced Administrative Institute of the Harvard Graduate School of Education which opened Monday for an 11-day meeting.

The school officials will consider case studies of problems and changes taking place in the field of education. The theme of the Institute is “Perspective For Educational Change “ Developments in the public schools of Utah, Melbourne, Fla., and Wayland, Mass., will be presented. Discussion groups will be held on the consequences of teach- ing philosophical analysis and education, technological innovation, educational theory, and present teaching practices.

Early sessions will cover the historical, social, and political context in which educational problems occur.

Speakers will include President Mary I. Bunting of Radcliffe College; Oscar Handlin, Professor of History at Harvard; Carl J. Friedrich, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government at Harvard; and Solon T. Kimball, Professor of Education at Columbia. Later sessions will consider the effects of the social sciences and philosophy on education, and recent curriculum innovations. Speakers at these sessions will include. Elting E. Morison, Professor of Industrial History at MIT; David C. McClelland, Professor of Psychology at Harvard; Jacob W.Getzels, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Chicago; Andrew Halpin, Professor of Education at the University of Utah; and Franklin Patter- son, Lincoln Filene Professor of Education at Tufts.

The Institute will conclude jointly with the annual Harvard Summer School Conference on Educational Administration. The theme of this meeting is “National Goals in Education ” Speakers include: Sterling M. McMurrin, United States Commissioner of Education; Arthur S. Adams, President of the American Council on Education; Harold B. Gores, President of Educational Facilities, Inc., of New York City; and Lloyd S Michael, Superintendent of the Evanston Township High School, Evanston, Illinois.

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Members of the Faculty of Harvard University participating at these meetings include: Dana M. Cotton of the Graduate School of Education; Thomas E. Crooks, Director of the Summer School of Arts and Sciences and of Education; and Prof. Cyril G. Sargent and Prof. Herold C. Hunt of the Graduate School of Education. Plans for the Advanced Administrative Institute have been under the direction of Allan S. Hartman, Executive Director of the Center for Field Studies of the Graduate School of Education. The leadership for the Institute will be provided by Dean Francis Keppel and Professor Herold C. Hunt of the Graduate School of Education and Paul J. Misner, Superintendent of Schools in Glencoe, Illinois.

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