This Day in Norwood History-January 25, 1962-24-Hour Deposit Service Now At Co-operative Bank

LINE FORMS ON THE RIGHT at the new 24 hour depository Installed on the Guild street side at the Norwood Co-operative Bank. Left to right: President Kenneth W. Tatro holds envelope slot for deposits made by Mrs. Jessie L. Dawson and Mrs Hilda K. Sullivan.

The Norwood Co-operative Bank, exemplifying its progressive policy, has installed a modern, convenient 24-hour Depository System This new depository has a slot for savings account deposits by envelope The depository envelopes go through a welded steel chute Into a burglary-resistive receiving safe inside the bank The receiving safe Is encased in reinforced cement.

President Kenneth W Tatro, President of the local bank, has pointed out that this Is another in a long line of “firsts’’ introduced by Norwood Co-operative Bank, 9th largest institution of its kind in Massachusetts.

The Norwood contracting firm of John Mutch Co. Inc. provided the labor and facilities to install the 24-hour unit which is located on the Guild street side of the bank next to the Don Kent Weather Station.

The body of the safe Is 1-Inch thick solid steel. Door of case-hardened steel has maximum thickness of 3- inches, minimum thickness of 1 1/2-inches under lock. Six solid steel Integral lugs interlock behind similar lugs in safe body when door is closed. Locking mechanism consists of a Mosler bronze-case four-tumbler combination lock, capable of 100,000,000 changes, and incorporating a key-locked knob, providing dual control. Patented Moslcr Relock- j ing Device gives added protection against attack. Both lock and relocking device are approved by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.

Outside dimensions are 17 3/4″ wide X 13” high. Built with a protective outer hood which shields its front surface, this unit Is completely weatherproof. All exposed surfaces are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The envelope slot, which is 1” high X 11″ wide, is protected by an external weatherproof flap. The envelope chute has highly polished stainless steel runners which allow frictionless travel of envelopes to receiving safe.

This Day in Norwood History-June 5, 1892-Lady Bicyclists

This Day in Norwood History-June 5, 1892-Lady Bicyclists

Dr. Soberbrow, in his address to the graduating class of one of our lady colleges last year, while he complimented them on their attainments and beauty, said that he hoped…

This Day in Norwood History-June 1, 1950-John B. Kennedy Sworn In As Town Manager

This Day in Norwood History-June 1, 1950-John B. Kennedy Sworn In As Town Manager

MANAGER SWORN IN—John B. Kennedy, Norwood town manager (right) was sworn into office by town clerk, Walter Blasenak at the Norwood municipal building. The new manager will commute between Winthrop…

This Day in Norwood History-June 5, 1950-Last Tribute Paid To R. Russell Williamson

This Day in Norwood History-June 5, 1950-Last Tribute Paid To R. Russell Williamson

Prominent Citizen, Banker, Businessman And Churchman, Dies Here At Age of 71 Norwood’s outstanding citizen, banker, businessman, and churchman. R. Russell Williamson, died unexpectedly at the Norwood Hospital Saturday afternoon…

The Plimpton Wing, a gift of Alice Morrill Plimpton (sister of Sara Bond Morrill and daughter of George H. Morrill) was built in 1928 as a three-story wing at the right-rear of the library. (Photo courtesy Charlotte Canelli/Morrill Memorial Library. Colorized by the Norwood Historical Society)

This Day in Norwood History-June 5, 1950-New Steel Display Shelves at the Morrill Memorial Library

FOR THE CONVENIENCE of its users the Morrill Memorial Library has arranged to have the steel display shelves constructed in the Plimpton Wing as well as a small reading nook…

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