This Day In Norwood History-January 2


For .

Membership Campaign Ends With a Total of 1021.

Three Thousand Join in Grand Celebration.

The Norwood Civic Association Buildings

02 Jan 1914, Fri The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD. Jan 2 — The successful outcome of the campaign for 1000 members before Jan 1 by the was celebrated by that organization last evening by keeping an open house. Over 3000 members and guests were present, and the whole group of buildings was thrown open to their use.

During the evening Director, announced that the membership had reached 1002 at 7 o’clock Wednesday evening, and was at the time of announcing 1021.

The arrangements for the affair were in charge of the members’ council, including , , , , , Miss , , , , , and .

The others officers of the Civic Association were present to assist in receiving the guests and the Civic Association Signal Corps, in full uniform, under command of Capt , served as ushers. A general reception was held in the large office, where a trio, consisting of , , , , cellist, give a concert. Something of interest was in progress during the evening in every hall and room of the great clubhouse.

Programs in All the Halls.

In Everett Hall the program began at 7 with moving pictures, giving the story of Rip Van Winkle. At 7:30 the Indian Tribes, 50 young boys, gave a tribe drill, a shake walk, and a war dance under the direction of , instructor in physical education, and , supervisor of games. The grammar school girls, class 2, then gave a drill and dance under the direction of Florence Ross, instructor in physical education for women and girls, with Miss as pianist.

The Girls’ Glee Club, under the direction of , then sang “De Coppah Moon” and “Dinah Dolls,” followed by a drill of the Boys’ Brigade, under command of Captain .

One of the most attractive features was the exhibition by the Athletic Dancing Class of girls under the direction of Miss Ross, who danced the “Matinee Waltz * and “San Toy,” with Miss Agnes Murray as pianist.

The Grammar school girls, class 1, then played a game of captain ball with two picked teams. Miss ’s team defeated Miss ’s team 32 to 10. The program in Everett Hall closed with two selections by the Men’s Glee Club. “Winter Song” and “Rhine Song,” under the direction of .

Children Entertained.

In the gymnasium, meanwhile, several hundred young children enjoyed themselves with games and dances. Miss Ross is being assisted here by Miss Margaret Harding, her regular assistant in physical instruction: Miss , supervisor of the Corner House department; Mrs. Chauncey B. Lewis, supervisor of the girls’ game room; Mrs. and Mrs. . Stories were told to the children by Mrs. Jean Boyd Flttz and by Mrs. Lewis. Mr. Lewis and his assistant in physical instruction, , helped to care for the lads.

In Social Hall a musical program was the feature, the Girls’ Glee Club and the Men’s Glee Club both singing several selections and Miss Miriam Vance played a violin solo, “Angel’s Serenade.” accompanied by Miss Ruth Vance. Dancing followed the concert, with music by an orchestra under the direction of .

Throughout the evening the billiard and pool rooms and other game rooms, all of which were open to guests, were in continuous use.

Huge Bonfire Lighted.

At 9;30 a huge bonfire opposite the grounds was lit by , , , and Chauncey Lewis, everybody turning out to see it. Dancing then followed till 11:30 in Everett and Social Halls.

It was the largest indoor event ever held In Norwood and a fitting celebration of New Year’s and of the attainment of the thousand members by the Norwood Civic Association, all the programs being given by various departments. Three of the busiest of the staff during the evening were Director Gabriel Farrell Jr, , . A regret was frequently expressed that owing to another engagement, George F. Willett, founder and chief promoter of the civic association, could not be

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