Norwood Maintains Its Reputation as Healthy Town, With Less Than Nine to the 1000.

NORWOOD, Jan 12—The Norwood Board of Health reports that there were 89 deaths in Norwood in 1913. This is the same number as in 1912, and means a rate of less than 9 in 1000, for conservative estimates place the population at above 10,000.
As the honor list for cities and towns comprises those with a rate of less than 12 to 1000. Norwood is maintaining its reputation as a healthy community. In 1911 Norwood stood lowest in the state for death rate, and in 1910 the town was second-lowest. In, 1912 the rate was 10 to 1000.

Only 109 cases of contagious diseases were reported during the year, the average for the past 10 years being 127, Of these 43 were measles, 34 whooping cough. 9 tuberculosis, 4 diphtheria, 13 scarlet fever, 2 typhoid fever, and 4 chickenpox. There was 1 death from whooping cough, 1 from pneumonia following measles, and 5 from tuberculosis. The average of tuberculosis deaths has improved in town in the last five years. The Canton epidemic, of a septic sore throat last Spring did not affect Norwood.

Mon, Jan 12, 1914 – 11 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)