Administrative Head For Norwood Proposed.

Legislature to Be Asked For Town Government Changes.

Jan 16, 1914 — At a special town meeting last evening in Everett Hall, the report of the town charter committee, embodying a Synopsis of the proposed changes in town Government, was presented by Town Counsel James A. Halloran and accepted. A bill embodying the changes will be presented to the Legislature tomorrow.

The plan provides for an unpaid board of five Selectmen, to serve three years, alternation in the election being provided for; an elected unpaid Finance Commission of three, to serve three years, which shall make up the annual budget of the town, and a board of three assessors, to be appointed by the Selectmen.

The Selectmen shall act as Overseers of the Poor and Supervisors of Highways, as at present, and shall also take over the powers and duties of the Water, Sewer, Park, and Municipal Light Commissioners and tree warden, and those offices shall be abolished.

The plan provides for a general town manager, who shall be the administrative head of all departments of the town and shall purchase supplies, except books for the Public Library and schools, hire and discharge assistants and employees, have charge of the Police Department, and act in an advisory capacity to the Selectmen. He shall be appointed by the Selectmen and be removed at their will.

The offices of town clerk and town accountant are combined, also the offices of town treasurer and tax collector. Provision is made for the recall of town officers. It is planned to have a vote taken on the acceptance of the act. if it passes the Legislature, next October, so it may go into effect in January 1915.

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At the meeting last .evening the town planning committee asked for the appointment of a committee to revise the building laws of the town, and it was voted that a committee of five be appointed by the moderator, to report at the annual town meeting.

Fri, Jan 16, 1914 – 9 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)