Twenty-five four, five and six-room houses have been planned for construction in Cleveland Park in the coming year. Four houses are now under construction and one is completed. Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Nelson, formerly of Wakefield, arc occupying this house, Mr. Nelson is in charge of sales. With his playroom transformed into an office, Cleveland Park looks to a promising future.

There are approximately 100 acres of land in this development, lying between Dean and East Cross streets along the Providence turnpike. Dr. Frederick A. Cleveland has been acquiring this land piece by piece for the last 15 years.

Years of study have been put into the planning of this development. It is served by water, gas, and electricity, and many of the streets are hard-surfaced and have been accepted by the town. A portion has been reserved for a playground that will be located in the center of the tract.

F. H. A. Insured Mortgages

The streets, which are winding, giving a pleasant outlook, are laid out so that there is a minimum number of intersections. Electric and telephone wires are underground from the street to the houses, and plans are being made to have all wires underground so that there will be no poles in the entire development.

In part of the tract, all of the utilities will come from the rear of the lot rather than the street. Lots are spacious, the smallest being 8000 feet, and the largest 12,000 square feet. Frontages are from 75 to 100 feet.

By careful planning, Dr. Cleveland and the Model T Homes, Inc. have made it possible for every mortgage to be insured by the Federal Housing Administration. With these insured mortgages, a purchaser may own a house by paying ten percent down and having a monthly payment as low as $35.00.


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