BRITISH COUPLE FIRST RESIDENTS OF WINDSOR GARDENS — Mr. William B. Saunders of Windsor Gardens presents key to Mr. and Mrs. David P. McQuire, the first residents of the new multi-million dollar garden apartment development in Norwood.

Windsor Gardens, the new multi-million dollar garden apartment development in Norwood, welcomed the first residents on January 29. Mr. and Mrs. David P. McQuire, who recently moved from London, occupy a terrace apartment in one of six buildings presently under construction on the 53-acre site.

The McQuires were attracted by not only the secluded country atmosphere, but the private Castle Valley Club boasting an Olympic pool, tennis and badminton courts, and other recreational facilities. It was their desire to be located in one of Boston’s finest suburbs and yet be in close proximity to downtown Boston.

Mr. McQuire was born in London in 1934 and studied at Southall Technical College and Hatfield Technical College and is a graduate of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Starting in 1950 with Fairey Aviation Co., Ltd., a compulsory five-year apprenticeship was served with earnings of only $5.00 a week. Subsequent employment by the Royal Air Force, the English Electric Aviation Co. Ltd. in Hertfordshire brought this engineer to the United States in the summer of 1961 This temporary assignment with Nortronics involving gyroscopes gave Mr. McQuire insight to the technical advancements in the Boston area. But it was not chance that a former associate with English Electric Aviation, Arthur Natanson, employed by Wayne-George In Newton encouraged the McQuires to book passage on the Queen Elizabeth, and they docked on October 23, 1962, in New York City. Mr. McQuire’s brother, John Frederick James McQuire, a pilot for BOAC, makes frequent visits and will serve as liaison with relatives in London.

Mrs. McQuire, also a native of London, had never been to the States before, and she is overwhelmed with the modern facilities — heating and air- conditioning with individual controls, all-electric kitchen fully equipped with range, refrigerator, dishwasher, disposal, and other mechanical aids that they could not afford in Hertfordshire. She is most impressed with the shopping facilities, in the wide variety of merchandise, particularly the supermarkets that have such a great selection of foods. Mrs. McQuire professed that their address of 501 Buckminster Drive, the Castle Valley Club, and the Round Table Room will afford nostalgia and that this modem apartment will be their “castle.”

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Mr. McQuire was quick to point out that their decision j to accept a position in Boston was prompted by the wonderful opportunity to work for Nortronics, and the promise to be part of a Technical Team. In England, the government does not subsidize development programs to the extent that this government does. To get security clearance for the majority of government contracts, and obtain a permanent visa, it was necessary to sign a declaration of intention of becoming a United States citizen.

The McQuires are now members of this Team of Technicians and Engineers in the Boston area who contribute to America’s defense and future growth. Windsor Gardens will be a most convenient location for many other families who will be part of this team.


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