Bond Street Playground

Tribute to the memory of Dr. Frederick Albert Cleveland was paid Tuesday night by the Norwood Chamber of Commerce which adopted a resolution requesting the Board of Selectmen to designate the park known as the Bond Street Playground as ‘’The Frederick Albert Cleveland Park.” It was further requested that this name be inserted on the official maps of the town and that a memorial tablet be placed at the site.

The Resolutions of Respect were read at the meeting by School Superintendent Lincoln D Lynch after introductory remarks of eulogy by Dr. Marimis James A copy of the document follows:

The death of Dr. Frederick Albert Cleveland at the age of 80. on Saturday. January 26. 1040. came as a shock not only to the members of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce but also to the world at large. Indeed this great and good man was a citizen of the world.

Although the obituaries have covered his achievements, which thus have been preserved for posterity these resolutions would not be complete without a summary of the life work of one to whom “Who’s Who” has given more than average space.

Our departed fellow member was a noted economist, teacher, and financial advisor. A number of books on economics will keep his memory stored away in his master mind.

The Norwood Chamber of Commerce, keenly interested in the past, present and future welfare of the town, is under lasting obligation to Dr. Cleveland, who may well be called Norwood’s foremost citizen. His wise counsel and direction in the matter of civic improvement such as sanitation, park and playgrounds, the public school system and the Norwood Civic Association are too numerous to mention.

May we paraphrase the famous epitaph oil the tomb of Sir Christopher Wren: “Reader, if thou seekest Ins monument, look around you” by saying, if you wish to see Dr. Cleveland’s monument, look around in the Town of Norwood and especially at the magnificent Henry O. Peabody School for Girls. This school, coveted by several other educational enterprises and communities in Massachusetts, would not be one of our most treasured possessions were if not for Dr. Cleveland’s dogged struggle to bring it here.

In view of the departure of our honored fellow member, we. the members of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce, herewith resolve:

  1. That we shall always be grateful for the labor and memory of Dr. Frederick Albert Cleveland.
  2. That for the purpose of keeping his name alive in the thoughts of future generations, the Selectmen of Norwood be requested to designate the park known as the Bond street playground as the Frederick Albert Cleveland Pane and to insert this name on the official maps of the Town of Norwood and to place a memorial tablet on said park. This park was not only planned by Dr. Cleveland, but brought to a plate of beauty by the work of his own hands during a time of great personal stress.
  3. That a copy of these resolutions of respect be kept in the archives of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce, a copy be published in the Norwood Daily Messenger and another copy be sent to his son. Lindsay, of Arlinglon Heights, Massachusetts.

Respectfully submitted,