In celebration of Norwood’s 150th Anniversary, the Norwood Historical Society would like to pay homage to the “wonderful women” of our town’s history. These women contributed to the building and formation of Norwood in less visible ways than those of their male counterparts, but their contributions were invaluable. They are the “quiet heroes” of our town.

We at the Historical Society will be celebrating the “wonderful women” of our town’s history throughout the sesqui-centennial year.

We begin with Anna Day, who hosted a celebration of the new town’s incorporation at her home on March 6. 1872. We look forward to marking that anniversary this spring, following in the spirit of her generosity, hospitality, and civic-mindedness.

This project is the work of Norwood Historical Society Board Members Laurie Kearney, Linda Rau, and Karen DeNapoli.

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