Norwood Pair ‘Marooned’ in Moving House
Flynns Living in Downtown Street as Home Rolls to New Site

11 May 1946, Sat The Boston Globe

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IN THE MIDDLE of’ East Vernon st., Norwood, stands the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flynn as it starts 1000-yard journey to new location.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flynn spent a quiet evening at home tonight—right square in the middle of East Vernon st.

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Norwood Tax Rate Down $1 to $63

11 May 1961, Thu The Boston Globe

For the first time in nine years the tax rate in Norwood has dropped.

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Norwood Debate—Which Is Hebner’s Top Sport?

Is Norwood High’s Richie Hebner a better baseball or hockey player?

12 May 1965, Wed The Boston Globe

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Ex-Police Chief Dies Driving Car in Norwood

Former Police Chief Thomas Lydon, 64, died at the wheel of his car…

14 May 1955, Sat The Boston Globe

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Reunion at Theodore Wellington’s, Norwood—Another Brother, Also a Veteran, Dead.

15 May 1911, Mon The Boston Globe

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