This Day In Norwood History-May 10

Norwood Pair ‘Marooned’ in Moving House
Flynns Living in Downtown Street as Home Rolls to New Site

IN THE MIDDLE of’ East Vernon st., Norwood, stands the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flynn as it starts 1000-yard journey to new location.

11 May 1946, Sat The Boston Globe

NORWOOD- May 10, 1946 — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flynn spent a quiet evening at home tonight—right square in the middle of East Vernon st.

Traffic along the usually busy street just off the town’s shopping center was blocked off by the Flynn home, a 2-story, eight-room affair. Curious crowds surrounded it. But inside, life went on just about as usual.

The Flynns and the house were starting on a trip which in about five days will take them from 46 Central st. 1000 yards down East Vernon st. to a new location on the corner of Broadway.

Their odyssey took shape when Louis Balboni, owner of the house, decided to tear it down in order to expand his garage and express business.

The Flynns knew it would be nearly impossible for them to find a new home in the midst of the housing shortage. Besides, they had been living there for 16 years.

Balboni was persuaded to undertake the moving job when it was pointed out to him that the house was worth $8000 and its transportation to a new site would cost only a quarter of that.

A rigging company spent several days jacking the building up on rollers. Today it was moved across busy Central st. while hundreds gathered to watch.

The town cooperated by pulling down several trees and an electric light pole that stood in the way.

The Flynns were also provided with a portable emergency lighting system. The only conveniences they’ll lack on their journey are running water and their telephone.

Tonight, the house stood directly in the middle of East Vernon st., just off Central st. Police expect that when the real trip starts tomorrow, traffic will be able to squeeze by all right.

The journey will be made 10 feet at a time, since the rollers under the building must be constantly readjusted. Baiboni figures it will take about five days to cover the 1000 yards.

Meanwhile the Flynns are going right on with their daily routine, and looking forward to meeting new neighbors.

“It’s nice to travel.” said Mrs, Flynn, who is the mother of Marlou Flynn, Hollywood starlet, “but I’ll be glad when we’re settled down again.”

(The Boston Globe- May 11, 1946)

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