This Day In Norwood History-May 11

Norwood Tax Rate Down $1 to $63

11 May 1961, Thu The Boston Globe

NORWOOD, May 11, 1961—For the first time in nine years the tax rate in Norwood has dropped. James T. Flaherty, of the assessors, announced the new rate at $63 per $1000, a drop of $1 from the 1960 rate of $64.

Norwood’s valuation is now over the $53 million mark and it is pointed out that 1960 was an outstanding year in the construction of commercial and industrial properties in the town, which added to the assessed valuation and helped bring the rate down. A total of $3 1/4 million was added during 1960 to the valuation.

(The Boston Globe- May 11, 1961)

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