This Day In Norwood History – November 2


NORWOOD. Nov 2, 1936 —The newly erected telephone company exchange building opened today at which time the service in the old building was disconnected and service was transferred to the new building. Approximately 40 years ago the first exchange was opened here. This is the first time the company has had its own building here.

A switchboard at which 17 operators can work simultaneously is expected to handle the telephone business of the town for some years to come.

There are a lunchroom for employees, a sitting room and offices for Harold W. Coughlin, manager; John F. McCabe, wire chief, and Helen E. McCarthy, chief operator.

Among those present at the opening were Perley B. Thompson, for years a druggist, who was the leader of a group of citizens who on Oct 12. 1893. addressed a letter to the Telephone Company, asking that an office be opened here; Benjamin B. Cahoon, first manager of the local exchange, and Mrs John Crowley, the town’s second chief operator, who worked at the board for some years.

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