This Day In Norwood History-March 18


Numerous Holdups Have Been Taking Place

Thu, Mar 18, 1937 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

NORWOOD, March 18—Rumors of the proposed formation of a vigilante committee in to protect its residents from the numerous holdups which have taken place in that section have been heard throughout the town. Selectman informed the other members of the board that he has received notification that several business men, residents of the South Norwood section, have informed him they are going to seek a permit to carry a revolver in order to protect themselves on their way home nights.

Chief of Police has stated that reports of a number of so-called “rolling cases” in South Norwood have came to his attention but the alleged victims have not made any complaints.

He states that from the information the police have received, men after leaving the various barrooms in the southern section of the town have been followed, and, as they reach dark sections a burlap bag is thrown over their heads, they are frisked and the assailants then disappear.

The police have appealed for the victims of these holdups to come forward and report the matter to them so that they may have something definite to work on, but the victims thus far have been reluctant to do so and the police have been working in the dark.

The rumor that a vigilante committee would be formed by residents in that section for protection caused the Selectmen to recommend that the Chief of Police confer with Town Manager and see if there is need for additional police protection in South Norwood and also to see whether plain clothes men working in that part of the town would aid in putting a halt to the holdups.

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