This Day In Norwood History-August 23, 1936-Hawes Swimming Pool Dedicated

New Dedicated

Opening Day Swim Meet, Hawes Pool, South Norwood, Massachusetts, July 3, 1949
Swim Meet, July 3, 1949

The “ Brook” swimming pool was dedicated on Sunday, August 23, 1936, and the occasion was marked with a swim meet. , of the , spoke to the crowd and officially dedicated the pool.

The Association awarded prizes to the winners of the meet and certificates were awarded to those who successfully passed their life-saving examinations. Buttons were awarded to those who passed the beginner’s swimming course.

Although dedicated in August, the new pool was open for supervised swimming from June 8 to September 10, 1936, with daily average attendance of around three hundred. On a hot day, up to six hundred bathers could be found enjoying the new pool that summer.

Swimming had previously taken place in , but there were no lifeguards on duty and many people, including several children, drowned in the murky pond .

In 1931, the Department (precursor of the modern ) began supervised swimming at Morse Pond for the first time when they turned the adjacent land into a playground. This relieved the overcrowded summer conditions at the Balch playground. The Public Works Department worked hard to improve sanitary conditions at Morse Pond, and hundreds of children enjoyed swimming there under the watch of a lifeguard each day.

Both Morse Pond and the land used for the playground were owned by local Charles S. Bird ., who offered to them to the town in 1932, with the condition that a right of way would be reserved, that a fence was erected between the playground and farm, and that he retained the right to name the playground, which became known as “” or just “Endean”.

In July of 1934, Norwood Town voted to appropriate $1200 to lease a parcel of land on Street adjacent to Hawes Brook from the Winslow Bros. & Smith Company for use for public playground purposes. This included the cost of improving the parcel by the of a swimming pool. Federal Emergency Relief Administration money was also used for the project.

By 1935, several acres of land at Endean Playground had been sufficiently cleared, graded, and loamed and a regulation diamond had been added, providing an additional area for other playground activities. Construction of the new swimming pool was underway.

The 1936 town report stated:

The new Hawes Brook Swimming Pool was dedicated in August and replaced the Morse Pond Pool which has been abandoned as unsatisfactory. The daily attendance at this pool was very large and clearly shows that the construction of a swimming pool at this location is appreciated by the residents of this section of the Town and that much benefit will be derived from this pool. Incidentally, this pool will be used for ice during the winter seasons.

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