READY FOR BUSINESS—The genial operators of the Norwood Nursery on Neponset Street, Ralph Neilsen (left and Albert W. Whitmore, Jr., are shown, with some of their potted plants and boxed plants which they have mode ready for the Memorial Day observance They are open from 8 am. until 9 pm (McLean Photo)

World War II veterans Ralph Neilsen and Albert W. Whitmore Jr., owners and operators of the Norwood Nursery on Neponset Street on the road to Canton, have been working from Sun up to sun down for the past several weeks getting their stand ready for the Memorial Day trade and announce that they have a complete stock of potted plants, flowering annual«, vegetable plants, evergreen trees and perennials now on display.

The stand has been operated for three years by Whitmore. Neilsen joined the company recently after being connected for seven years with the North Walpole Greenhouse. They announced yesterday
that they are operating a free delivery service for their customers and that they are also available for landscape gardening work. In addition, they have a Rototiller service.

They have elaborate plans for the future of the Norwood Nursery which include the erection of two large greenhouses. They will be pleased to greet both their old and new customers at any time.

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