These news items were the talk of the town on May 9, 1950

The cooperation among police and fire departments of Norwood and surrounding communities has always been of the utmost. On Sunday, the help to the Westwood fire department by Norwood and other towns was greatly appreciated and there was no question that several homes might have fallen prey to the flames without this outside aid. A woods fire can reach serious proportions in a matter of minutes, especially when the flames are fanned by a high wind such as prevailed on Sunday. There is no charge for the aid rendered in such emergencies and there is no telling when aid for Norwood might be needed from other towns. It has happened before and can happen again. It is a far cry from the old days when hose lines and hose couplings on hydrants were not standardized, and when help with someone from other communities the aids stood by helplessly when they found their equipment varied from that in use by the stricken community.

The Norwood Hospital will observe national hospital day on Friday and the citizens of Norwood and the surrounding communities which it serves so nobly, are invited to drop in during the afternoon and early evening. there are no doubt many citizens who never stepped foot inside the hospital and our entirely in the dark is to the many services that the local hospital performs. The Norwood Hospital women’s aid will be on hand to act as guides and hostesses. Members of this group are well acquainted with the facilities of the Norwood Hospital and can answer any and all questions about the services rendered.

Cuff notes – don’t be surprised if the Selectman name a town manager tonight. At any rate, the appointment is not expected to consume anywhere near the 57 ballots required before the job was filled last time…

Former town manager Edward C. Monahan, who still resides in Norwood while carrying on his duties as city manager of Revere, furnished the lead story for the Boston Globe last Friday night with his drastic shakeup of the Revere Police department….

Ambrose J Kelly, of Kelly’s appliance center here, anticipates a shortage of refrigerators this summer and consequently is in New York lining up future deliveries.

The fine concert given by the Norfolk county symphony orchestra was warmly applauded by a capacity audience in the junior high school auditorium on Sunday night. Under the able direction of Professor John V. Dethier the best in the musicians was brought forward and the audience was thrilled with the masterful presentation of many difficult numbers. The audience came from all walks of life which proved that good music is appreciated by people of all classes. The orchestra is improving with age in the future concerts by these fine musicians are bound to make more friends for the Norfolk county symphony orchestra.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Fian Drummey, Jim Mahoney, Sr., and Betty Ann Cody.

HOW ABOUT THIS?—Top coats still in vogue and feeling good despite the lateness of the season. . .

Bad woods fires raged in Westwood and Stoughton at the same time on Sunday . . .

Public Works Department men cleaning up the streets . . .

The high winds on Sunday blew down some tree branches but caused no property damage.

The cool weather keeping the trees from becoming leafy . . .

The largest crowd ever attended the annual Arts, Crafts, and Hobby Club show on Sunday at Memorial Hall

Peter’s children’s specialty store has changed hands and the new owner is Mrs. Grace N. Fleury. It will be known as the Arlinc Children’s Centre …

St. George’s Lithuanian church is sponsoring a mammoth penny sale to be held in the Parish hall Thursday night, May 11.

HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL— William Abraham, 50 Davis Avenue. . . Andrew Yelapi, 34 Sturtevant Avenue… Mary Barron. 20 Weld Avenue… Mary Fisher. 331 Walpole Street… Marlon Burke, 220 Lenox Street… Eleanor Eklund 44 Bowker Street. Walpole … John Geehan, Sr., 655 Common Street. Walpole … Ralph Howland, 25 Mass Avenue. Walpole … Josephine Hutchings. 3 Bonney Street. Westwood … George Sanborn, 59 Garfield Avenue… Virginia Ellis. 48 Bond Street… Timothy Connolly, 279 Nahatan Street… Harvey Paquin, 81 K. Cross Street. . . William Cormier, Jr.. 23 Highview Street. . . Euplio Puopolo. 10 Tremont street . . . Clarence Hagman, 721 Neponset street . . . George Smith, 10 Phillips avenue . . . Stanley Babinski. 34 Morse street . . . Michael Murphy, 21 Winter Street. . . . Enid Smith. 738 Washington Street. . . Peter Chisholm. 49 Beech street . . . Sister Madeline. 235 Nahatan street . . . Concetta Giandomenico. 981 East Street. Walpole. . . . Reinje Dost, 770 South Street, Walpole . . . Stephen Conley, 290 Railroad Avenue. . . Frank Bilotta 21 Shaw Street. . . Jane Campbell. 19 Hoyle street . . . Mary Frost. 153 Nahatan Street. . . Er- nest Carlson, 11 West Street… Helen Pazniokas, 58 Heaton avenue . . . Angelina Capone. 310 Washington Street. E. Walpole. . . . Robert Wagner. 18 Park Street, E. Walpole . . . Olive Knaus. 320 Fisher Street. Walpole . . . John Foley, 2 Hlghview Street. . . John Dixon, 16 Tremont Street. . . Agnes Morrell. 225 Railroad avenue. . . . Rita Lydon, 295 Washington street . . . Barbara Hobson, 46 Phillips Avenue. . . Anita Trumpolt, 32 Lewis Avenue, Walpole. . . . Lillian Ripley, 5 Marguerite Road. Walpole… Harold Peterson. 524 High Street. Westwood.

NEW PATIENTS at the Hospital—Arthur Stockus. 222 Mechanic Street. Canton . . . Robert Satkietvicz. 34 Austin street . . . Diane Grover. 61 Summit Avenue, Walpole . . . Margaret Farris. 9 Gould Avenue. E. Walpole . . . Ann Me- Comb. 259 Washington street, E. Walpole . . . Robert Rossetsky, 6 Savin avenue . . . Peter Ready, 16 Pine street . . . Robert Bunker. 114 Lincoln Street. . Catherine Rooney, 618 Washington Street. . Peter Curran, 27 Pine Street. . . Nancy Kennedy, 233 Stone Street. Walpole. . . Mary Coughlin, 66 Monroe street . . , Maureen Curran, 18 Prospect street . . , Michael Tri- venti, JO St. Joseph avenue . . . John Ballentine, 100 Vernon street. . . Rita Lydon 225 Washington street . . . Enid Smith. 738 Washington street . . . Annie Rorke 738 Washington street . . Ida Hurd, Sybil street, Walpole . . . Mary Coyne. 93 Union street. E. Walpole. . . . Mary Marshall, 174 Myl0d street. E. Walpole . . . Jean Bethel. 50 Walnut avenue . . . Genevieve Adamonis, 24 Short street .. . Josephine Gore, 26 Harding Road… George Smith. 19 Phillips Avenue. . . Franklin Johnstone, 3 South Street, Walpole . . . Evelyn Verrochi, 112 Summer Street, So Walpole . . . Barbara Rodriques. 36 Ellis Street, Walpole … Diane Ziergiebel. 157 Providence Highway. Islington . . . Luana Haller. 271 Hartford Street. Westwood.

NEW ARRIVALS—A boy to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Paton, Grant Avenue. E. Walpole … A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Thomas, 15 High Plain Street. Sharon … A boy to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Viano, 546 Fisher Street, Walpole … A boy to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford French, 31 Church street. Canton . A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buccilli, 29 June Street, E. Walpole .„ A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J Fisher, 222 Bolivar Street. Canton

MARRIAGE INTENTIONS have been filed by—Miss Josephine Magliozzi. 24 State Street, Wellesley, and Donald George Ferrari, 121 Winslow Avenue, Norwood.

(Originally published in the Norwood Advertiser and Review)