This Day In Norwood History-May 23, 1915-Cost of Neponset Street Bridge Deadlocks Norwood and Blue Hill Street Railroad

Neponset Street Bridge.


May 22, 1915—A delegation from the Merchants’ Club of Norwood will consult the Selectmen Monday evening in regard to allowing electric cars from this town to cross the new Neponset River Bridge. At the last meeting of the Merchants’ Club John F. Callahan, Eugene Sullivan and H. E. Rice were appointed to investigate the matter and if possible bring about harmony between the street railroads, the County Commissioners and the Norwood Selectmen.

The town of Norwood has built a small shanty on the tracks in the middle of the bridge to prevent the operation of cars.

The trouble is over who shall pay for the new bridge which cost $9000. The county will bear half the expense and Canton and Norwood are to pay the balance less what the State will contribute. The Norwood Selectmen estimate that their share at $2000.

Passengers Crossing Bridge Afoot From One Car to Another

The Blue Hill Street Railroad and the Norwood, Canton and Sharon Street Railroad are expected to contribute about $900 of this amount, but the railroads refuse to pay.

The Norwood, Canton and Sharon Company threaten to stop running its cars. The road is paying a man $14 a week to watch the car which remains at the bridge.

The town of Norwood employs a police officer to watch the bridge to see that the obstructions are not removed.


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