This Day In Norwood History-March 31

Norwood Vet of Hamburg Raids Helps to Ease Bombing Terror

German Mother, Son Start New Life Here

NO WORDS WERE NECESSARY—. 10, formally expresses his gratitude to Air Force Sgt of Norwood, at New York Airport. Badger aided Hans and his mother, Mrs. , center, in getting to this country.

(United Press-Boston Globe Telephoto)

01 Apr 1955, Fri The Boston Globe

Ten years ago, in the last stages of World War II, Mrs. Ingeborg Schumacher lived in terror while American planes bombed her hometown near Hamburg.

Yesterday she and her son, Hans, 10, arrived to start a new life in this country, thanks to one of the Air Force men who participated in the raids that blasted Hamburg.

Air Force MSgt Charles Badger, 28, of Norwood, now stationed at Westover Field, did not think of the destruction he was pouring on the enemy cities during the heat of the war, “but after the war I saw the destruction and I was part of it,” he said as he greeted Hans and his mother when they arrived in New York on the Italia.

In a few days the boy and his widowed mother will arrive in Norwood at the big eight-bedroom home of Badger’s father, , and Sgt Badger will have done his part in helping to ease the ravages of war.

“Plenty of Room”

Hans and his mother will live temporarily on the large dairy farm of , former Governor General of the Philippines.

Last night, Knight Badger said, “We’re all looking forward to seeing them in a few days, and we have plenty of room for them until they have a place of their own.” Badger is superintendent of Forbes’s .

Saddened by the great destruction in Germany, Sgt Badger two years ago arranged with the , an organization devoted to care of children in all parts of the world, to contribute $8 monthly for the benefit of a German child.

Sometime later he received a picture of young Hans, who lived in Bad Oldesloe, near Hamburg. Badger and the boy’s mother began an exchange of letters, and then arrangements were made to bring the pair to America.

Charles Badger as a TSgt

Paid Traveling Expenses

Sgt Badger paid the $600 it cost to bring them here and has guaranteed support of the widow and her son for two years.

In New York, Mrs. Schumacher said she intends to look for work and a home as soon as she gets settled in Norwood. Hans was much too excited to say much, even to practice his English.

Sgt Badger left Norwood High School to enlist in the Air Force 12 years ago, and remained in service after the war. Other members of his family who will give a warm welcome to the German mother and son include his mother, a brother, Albert, 16, and a sister, Faith, 9.

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