Four repeaters appear on this year’s Norwood Messenger Bay State Hockey All-Star Team in a league which was dominated this season by Walpole, Norwood and Dedham.

This year the league was divided into two divisions and the teams of Norwood, Dedham, and Walpole didn’t lose a game to any of the clubs in the other division, so our first team has players from all these clubs. This was a tough year to follow the Bay State League in its new surroundings of Framingham where the average fan didn’t have a chance to get a good look at all the players in every game.

We have seen every round of the league and have talked to the coaches of most of the teams in picking our dream team. We mostly went with the selection of the coaches on our first team with one exception Mn that we added a third defenseman. In fairness to all, we have also picked second and third teams and an honorable mention list. Our selections were made before the State Tournament, giving each boy in the league an equal chance. We have also picked a MVP in Dick Delaney of Walpole, an unsung hero in Paul Angelo of Norwood, and an outstanding freshman in Kevin Woods of Walpole. Here are a few facts on our first team selections:

GOAL, TOM SMELSTOR (Norwood) — Tom for the second straight year is the least scored-on goalie in the tough Bay State League. This year Smelstor was the most improved player on the Norwood team. He is rated as the top goalie in the league and made most of the big-time state teams. Tom is a senior and has been a regular for the past two years. He stopped many breakaways this year and had a 14-per-game save average. Norwood Coach Don Wheeler says of Smelstor: “Without him this year we would have had a tough time. He is a hard worker and team man all the way.” Tom hopes to enter% college next year with B.C. as his top choice.

DEFENSE, TIM TWOMEY (Norwood) — The top defenseman in the league and a repeater on this year’s team, Tim was the toughest point-man in the league and according to Norwood mentor Don Wheeler is by far the most valuable player on the Norwood team. Tim has been an iron man for Norwood all year, playing in almost every minute of every game. He was a real tough man to get around as opposing forwards in the league respected the big blonde’s hard. nosed hockey. Twomey has been a regular for three years on the club and will be sorely missed. He’s one of the best-liked players off the ice.

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DEFENSE, STEVE WOODS (Walpole) — Steve was the big man on the Walpole defense with his great knack of breaking up plays. The Walpole defense was supposed to be a question mark this year but Woods changed this but good. Steve, in addition to his great defensive work, also scored some clutch goals from the points this year with his hard shot. Woods saw very little action last year and improved with every game to be a unanimous choice on this year’s team. Steve is a senior and will be guarding an outfield spot on the diamond squad.

DEFENSE, JOHN (Bronco) SMITH (Dedham) — Many of the Norwood fans who saw the Thanksgiving football game saw this lad run roughshod over Norwood and few realized that he, too, was a great hockey player. “Bronco” played both forward and defense for the “Shiretowners” and did both well. He was a hard checker and played most of every game either on defense or up front. This has been the third straight year that Smith has been a regular skater on the John Dooley-coached team. He is a smooth skater who didn’t take any rough tactics from anybody. “Bronco” is one oí the best athletes ever to come out of Dedham. He played three years as a regular in football, hockey, and baseball. He will enter Harvard next fall.

FORWARD, DICK DELANEY (Walpole)-For two years now Dick has been the top clutch performer for Walpole. This year he scored winning goals in seven of the Walpole wins. This is Dick’s second year on the dream team. Delaney is a team man all the way and would just as soon pass as shoot. He is Captain of the team and deadly in front of the net In addition to being one oí “the league’s top scorers for the second straight year he is also one of the best two-way players in the league. He is our choice for the most valuable player.. Delaney is a senior and president of the senior class. He will be guarding 3rd base for the diamond squad this year and next fall wilt enter Andover Academy.

FORWARD, RICHY HEBNER (Norwood) — Richy is the only junior on the team and is also a repeater. This year he was the league’s top goal-getter with 23. He has a three-year total of 43 goals with one year to go. Hebner is the most explosive player in the league and with- his size (6 It. – 200 lbs.) .he is a marked man in every game. His best shot is his backhander with which he scored 12 goals. Probably the hardest shot in the league and the toughest forward, Hebner is already considered a top college and pro prospect. Coach Don Wheeler says Hebner is the best player he has ever coached. This year he will be starting shortstop for the third straight year on the baseball team where he is a bright pro prospect also.

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FORWARD, JIM PREVETT (Dedham) — Jim ranks as one of the best forwards ever to come out of Dedham High. He has been a regular for three straight years and has led the Dedham team in scoring every year. He is also a repeater on this year’s team. Last year he was the league’s top scorer. Prevett was awarded the most sportsmanlike player award in the league. He is one of the fastest skaters and has a blazing shot. He played double duty in almost every game and still gave his all every minute, he is captain of the team. He was a marked man in every game and yet still scored many goals. He is also a fine shortstop in baseball. Prevett hopes to enter Boston College next fall.

FORWARD, BLAINE MAUS (Norwood) — Blaine was the captain of the Norwood team and the leading scorer in the Bay State League with 35 points. He follows in the footsteps of brother Dana, who was also high scorer in the league. Blaine is a team man all the way as his 20 assists will attest. He has been a regular on the Norwood team for three years and a real big reason for Norwood’s upsurge in hockey in the past three years. Maus has a deadly accurate shot and is a hustler all the way. Even though one of the smallest forwards in the league, he didn’t back down from anybody. Blaine will be a chucker on this year’s diamond squad, and hopes to enter Boston University next fall.

FORWARD, STEVE ANCHUKAITIS (Walpole) , — Steve is one of the top scorers in the league in close. He is the fastest skater on the Walpole team. Steve is headed for Choate before college. He should be a top college hockey player with his speed and deadly shot.


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