Willett Pond’s new raft, made possible through the cooperation of the Women’s Community Committee and the Lions Club, is shown here with some of the sponsors and bathers at the official launching Saturday afternoon

A new diving raft at Willett Pond was officially launched at ceremonies Saturday afternoon in the presence of a group of community leaders.

The raft, made possible through the cooperation of the Women s Community Committee and the Norwood Lions Club, fills a long-felt want at the pond and it is hoped by the sponsors that bathers will receive much enjoyment from it. Mike Costello did the actual construction work.

Among those present at the launching were Superintendent of Schools Lincoln D. Lynch. Mrs. John Rizzo, chairman of the Women’s Community Committee: Mrs. Lucille W Riemer, member of the Playground Advisory Committee. Mrs. Josephine Charidler, chairman of the Playground Advisory Committee Mrs Mary Cullinane, Norwood Playground Supervisor. Donald J MacDonald, president of the Norwood Lions ICub and Festus J McDonough and John McDonough, members of the Lions Club Beach Committee, as well as Lifeguards Arthur Slaney Barbara Woodberry. Frances McCall and Verna Carpenter.

Although Saturday marked the official launching, it was not the first time that the raft had seen water Night swimmers at the beach had conducted launchings of their own on several previous occasions. but each time the heavy structure was hauled from the water and the work on it completed.

An unscheduled part of the ceremonies was the rescue by Lifeguard Slaney of a youngster, who in the excitement got out over his head and took in a quantity of water The over-enthusiastic bather was quickly revived when placed in the shade of the lifeguard tower, and he promised faithfully not to go out over his head again.

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