Ex-Naval Veteran John M. Famigliette and his wife, Elisabeth, and their two children, Diane, 4, and Joan, 2, eating supper at the VFW Headquarters where they are living temporarily. (McLean Photo)

Here Left homeless when forced to vacate a two-room apartment which they had occupied in Norwood because another veteran had priority, a Norwood naval veteran of 32 months overseas service, his wife and two small children have found haven in the headquarters of the Norwood Post 2452, Veterans of Foreign Wars, on Railroad avenue, until their temporary quarters in the new veterans’ housing project at Bellevue avenue and Winter street are ready for occupancy.

The couple, Mr. and Mrs. John M Famigliette, moved in with then-two children. Diane, 4, and Joan, 2, and the family pet dog, Pal 10 days ago after the VFW offered the use of their headquarters as a temporary home, although Mr. Famigliette is not a member of that organization.

The father, who is 25. was discharged from the Navy as a machinist’s mate, first class, on October 12, 1945. He is now employed as a machinist at the Fales Machine Co. in Walpole. Mrs. Famigliette, the former Elizabeth Ann Macauley, and her two children had occupied the two-room apartment while her husband was In the service.

Learning that another veteran was to occupy the apartment The Famigliettes purchased a duplex house in another section of the town and are now faced with the problem of getting one of its two occupants out so that they might move in.

To further complicate matters, Famigliette stated that the house is badly in need of repairs and that it may be a long time before he can take occupancy. Contacting the Norwood Veterans Temporary Housing Board, he explained his problem and was promised an apartment in the new veterans’ housing project when it is completed.

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When the Famigliette family found themselves without a place to live 10 days ago. Friends in the VFW offered to let the family occupy their quarters until their housing problem is straightened out The little family found a gas stove all ready to use in the basement and plenty of dishes.

They set up their bedroom in the main meeting and dancing hall of the building and were right at home in a few hours. Most of their furniture is in storage until they obtain permanent quarters.

While the family is occupying the main meeting hall and the basement kitchen the members of the post are holding their meetings in a smaller room in the building John Feeney commander of the post and the executive committee voted to let the family occupy their quarters and use their gas and lights during the emergency.

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