This Day In Norwood History- July 10, 1946-VFW Lodges Evicted Norwood Vet, Family

SHELTERED IN V. F. W. DANCE HALL—Mr. and Mrs. John Famigliette put Diane, 4, and Joan, 2, to bed, while Pal, the family collie, looks on.

SHELTERED IN DANCE HALL—Mr. and Mrs. put Diane, 4, and Joan, 2, to bed, while Pal, the family collie, looks on.

, July 9 — Two sleepy girls were tucked into bed on a mattress on the floor of a dance hall tonight at headquarters here.

Pal, the family collie, found a spacious kennel in another corner of the room, and Mr. and Mrs. John M. Famigliette were glad to have their bed on the side where the orchestra usually holds forth.

For the overlarge one-room shelter which the young family took over tonight was their only refuge from the street—in spite of the fact that Famigliette has a job and has bought a home of his own in Norwood to take the place of the two-room apartment from which they were evicted yesterday.

Their situation is just another of those housing shortage stories where one place had to be vacated before another can be taken over, but it took a happier turn when of the , No. 2452, V. F. W. heard that 4-year-old Diane and 2-year-old Joan and their parents had no shelter for the night.

V. F. W. Home’s Complication

The organization has a big house on av. with a large dance hall taking up most of the second floor, and though Famigliette isn’t a member of the V. F. W., they didn’t let that keep them from offering the little family the hospitality of the top floor, plus cooking facilities in the kitchen..

It will mean a lot of up and down stairs to get from bedroom to kitchen. There’s lots of slippery floor space for 2-year-oid Joan to skid across on her way to bed. But those are minor worries to the family.

What really concerns them is how long it will take to go into court and start the process of getting the present tenant out of the home they have bought and need for themselves. A 30- notice has already been served on the one woman in their six-room house, but this may be only the first step in the long drawn-out process.

“And at least we’re not crowded here,” the mother said optimistically. “The dance floor gives the children lots of room to . But, just the same, I hope the woman in our nouse now finds a place for herself looner than we found anything.”

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