CUB PACK 43 held Its Christmas meeting recently at the United Church. Instead of receiving presents, each cub presented his parents with a gift he has made at den meetings during the gift his den made. After a holiday movie was shown by Rev Miller, carol singing was enjoyed under the direction of Mrs. month. Shown above are representatives for each den with Merton Keller.

The Callahan P.T.A. Cub Pack held its December Pack Meeting on December 17, at the Civic Center. The hall was beautifully decorated. with a Christmas tree and streamers. Beneath the tree were loads of presents that Santa had left for the Cubs.

The meeting was called to order by the Cubmaster and a uniform inspection was held. Our standard opening prevailed with the boys from den five acting as the honor den this month. After the Cub Scout Promise and the Law were given the boys sang “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” accompanied by Louise King on the piano.

There were four boys who came up for advancement this month and they included: Ronnie Webber, bear badge, Gerald Marshall, Lion badge, a Gold arrow, and a Silver arrow and his donner stripe. Also because he reached Lion Scout h« received a copy of the Handbook for Boys and a year’s subscription to Boys Life Magazine. John Baker received a Gold arrow as did John Mitchell.

Following the advancement ceremony, everyone joined in the singing of some Christmas carols, and as the last strains of the music died away a cheer went up from the children for non« other than Santa Claus was seen coming into the hall. Seating himself in front of the tree he passed out presents to the Cubs and candy canes and ice cream to all present in the hall.

After all the presents had been opened and the sweets eaten, it was time for our closing ceremony. Michael Falcone held the U.S. flag as it was illuminated, only by the spotlight and with Louise King on the piano the Star Spangled Banner was sung and then all went home feeling very gay and in a wonderful Christmas spirit.

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FLASH … We did it! Pack 102 has regained possession of the coveted attendance award for the highest percentage of leader present at the December Roundtable. It is our aim to retain this plaque for as long as it is possible.

Last but not least a very Happy New Year to everyone.