Town Country Homes Spokesman Tells Selectmen Plans Are All Set

George F. Willett’s dream for the development of the Westover and Holmwood properties as a model ‘’garden village,” are about to be fulfilled, the Board of Selectmen was informed Tuesday night by the president of Town and Country Homes Inc., which has taken over management of the project.

Mr. Willett himself appeared before the Board to request that ‘the town renew its long-prevailing policy of allowing him a 60-day period in which to redeem any properties of the Norwood Housing Trust taken by the town for unpaid taxes, in the event of anyone desiring to purchase such properties.

He introduced John Dunham, president of Town and Country Homes, Inc., to the members of the Board, and said that Mr. Dunham’s firm will take over the active management of the property. Mr. Dunham said that he was prepared to go ahead with the necessary financing to complete Westover within six or seven years, and that he was anxious to start at once. He said that Mr. Willett’s dream was to be fulfilled after many years and that the entire project promised to be the finest in the state, if not in the whole country. Mr. Dunham, explaining that part of the project would consist of low-cost homes while other sections would contain more expensive houses, said that the potentialities of the property and its benefits to Norwood had been highly praised by both bankers and architects.

The Board voted to continue the same 60-day policy of redemption to Mr. Willett. It was also stated at Tuesday night’s meeting that Tax Commissioner Henry F. Long has recently advised town officials that the Willett property, due to its tremendous potentialities, has been designated as entitled to special consideration not ordinarily accorded to foreclosed real estate properties.