Shown holding one of the new Holton alto saxophones at Farnham’s Music Shop, 861 Washington street, Norwood, is Owner George H. Farnham, Jr. The Holton saxophone is equipped with excellent tone quality, ease of blowing, power and tuning. (Staff Photo by Lou Cibotti)

Farnham’s Music Shop at 861 Washington street, is open daily, except Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Owned and managed by George H. Farnham. Jr., the shop has been in operation since last June. Mr. Farnham. a Navy veteran of 3 1/2 years service, was a musician in Navy Bands and after his separation from service, studied musical installments under G. I. training.

All types of new and used instruments may be bought or rented at Farnham’s and a repair service is offered. In addition to musical instruments. Farnham’s carries a full line of accessories, including: reeds, mouthpieces, drum heads, drum major batons, harmonicas, strings, and cymbals. The Shop features the Hamilton music stands.

“Everything for the musician” is the ‘motto at Farnham’s The telephone number is NOrwood 7 21-01-M

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