This Day in Norwood History-January 21, 1948-Pfc. John E. Johnson Is Commended For Work In Korea

Pfc. John E. Johnson Is Commended For Work In Korea

Private First Class John E. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John E Johnson of 58 East Cross street, was commended recently by Colonel K M. Moore, Corps Engineer Commander, for his work as a draftsman and his assistance in a real estate survey in his regimental area in Korea.

The commendation, which was endorsed by General Harlan N Hartness, read: “I desire to express my appreciation of your cooperation in assisting the Real Estate Officer in compiling the necessary data to complete the Real Estate Properly Record for this regiment’ Pfc. Johnson was listed among the men who “performed their duties in an exceptionally fine manner, and are to be commended for the manner in which they performed these duties.”

Pfc Johnson was graduated from Norwood High School with the Class of 1946 and enlisted for eighteen months in the U.S. Army on September 9, 1946. Having been assigned to the Infantry, he received his basic training at Fort McClellan in Alabama. After a furlough prior to Thanksgiving, he was sent as a replacement in the Occupation Forces in Korea. He was stationed with “C” Company, 32nd Infantry, and upon graduation from Radio Operators School of the Seventh Infantry Division in Seol, the capitol, he served as a radio operator. Then he was dispatched on three months detached service as draftsman with one of the groups of the real Estate Survey in the Seventh Regiment.

Pfc. Johnson has left Korea for San Francisco, where he will be discharged sometime this month.

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