Congregation Holds Annual Meeting — Special Message Delivered By Pastor

Pointing out that the Emmanuel Lutheran Church this year marks its fiftieth anniversary, Dr. A. E. Rehnstrom, pastor, asked the Board of Administration of the church to set a date in the fall and to make plans for a special service and program, during his address Thursday evening at the annual congregational meeting.

Preceded by a congregational dinner, the program of the meeting included the report of the pastor, the election of officers, and a hymn singing led by Mrs. Ernest W. Carlson with Hugo Frcderickson at the piano. Before making his summary of the church’s progress and activities during the past year. Dr. Rehnstrom pointed out the wide disparity between the teachings of Jesus and the actions of Christian nations today, stating that-“Jesus was not primarily interested in definitions. He was primarily interested in people.”

Dr. Rehnstorm questioned the rights o£ certain nations to be called Christian and quoted a criticism of these nations which he had recently read. “Thirty million people, men, women, and children, have been starved, tortured. shot, blown to bits, frozen, gassed — murdered by every conceivable method of fiendish cruelly—mostly at the hands of civilized, enlightened. cultured, progressive, and democratic Christian nations.” Jesus, he said, gave Himself that men might be free and creative as instrumentalities through whom the power to be free and creative might flow out to others Dr. Rehnstorm also quoted William Clayton Bower, a prominent educator, who says that action is the way to knowledge of God’s will, and that action is the outcome of thinking and purposing. as well as the proof of integrity.

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Lutheran World Action was completed 101% by the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, the first In the conference to finish. Dr. Rehnstorm reported. He also said that the church school was becoming more and more popular, and on the basis of the foundation laid and pioneering work done, said that It would continue in attendance and effectiveness.

Services in English

During the meeting, a motion was parsed to the effect that Sunday morning worship services will now be in English, with Swedish services to be held whenever desired or scheduled by the Board of Directors of the Church. Among the improvements made during the past year was a new heating unit in the parsonage; a children’s altar and lectern in the school room of the church inlaid flooring and painting in the social room, kitchen and restrooms, two kitchen gas stoves and two cabinets in the kitchen of the social room.

Officers elected were: Herbert Anderson and John Sundquist, deacons to serve three years; Fred Carlson and Ernest Carlson, trustees for three years; Fred Carlson. Sunday School superintendent; Dr. Harold Knudson. Sunday School first assistant; Herbert Anderson, Sunday School second assistant

William A. Peterson’ was elected treasurer. Gunnar E. Carlson, financial secretary, George Frederickson. Tower Fund treasurer. Fred Carlson and George Frederickson. auditors: and Mrs. A. E. Reimstrom. Mrs. Henry Johnson and Hugo Frederickson. music committee. Representatives to the Norwood Council of Churches are Mrs. Ernest Carlson, Mrs. Gunnar E. Carlson, and Harry J. Korslund. Mrs. Ernest Carlson was also named as delegate to the synodical convention to be held in June in Rock Island, Illinois, with Mrs. Herbert Anderson as alternate Delegate to the New England Conference will be Herbert Anderson, with Justus Gottberg as alternate Robert Weger and Melvin Anderson were named delegates to the Boston District annual meeting, with Eric Anderson and Mrs. Richard Greene alternates. Justus Gottberg was also named congregational secretary.

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Committee members who arranged and planned the supper, agenda, and ballot list, working under the chairmanship of Fred A. Carlson and Herbert Anderson, were Harold K. Knudson. Robert Weger. Russell Johnson and John Sundquist.