Dependability, A By-Word At Morini’s Service Station

Inside Morini’s Service Station at 1250 Washington street, South Norwood, headquarters for top-notch automotive repair service. Enrico Morini, owner, is shown in the photo, standing at center. (Staff Photo by Lou Cibotti)

Winter weather puts the heaviest strain of all on cars—and on drivers’ tempers, too. But you can look flown your nose at wintry blasts if you stop in now at Morini’s Service Station.

Established but a few short months ago at 1250 Washington street. South Norwood. Morini’s is fast gaining many satisfied customers’ The station, owned and operated by Enrico Morini, is open daily from 8 am. until 11 pm and on Sundays from 9 to G p.m.

Expert lubrication is but one of the many features at Morini’s, where the bywords are courtesy efficiency and dependability.

Also offered at Morini’s, is a lull line of automobile accessories including tires. batteries, grille guards, windshield wipers, headlights, fog lights and fans. The telephone number is NOrwood 7- 2591.