This aerial photo of Highland Cemetery was taken in September of 1922. Winter street can be seen at the top right corner, and the neighborhoods of the”Tree streets” would not be built for decades. At the top center, you can see Emerson and Christine Webber’s farm, which was later purchased by the Town of Norwood. Some of their property is now the Winter Street Composting and Recycling Facility

George F. Willett has called the attention of the Selectmen to the availability of 16 acres of land near Highland Cemetery which he owns and suggests it may be purchased by the town for cemetery expansion.

Last spring the attention of the Board was called to the fact that before many years the purchase of additional land would be necessary, and a survey was started to determine where land adjacent to the present cemetery boundaries might be purchased.

Mr. Willett directed the attention of the Board last week to the fact that if plans for expansion arc made toward the west of the present cemetery holdings, it will seriously jeopardize his plans for Westwood development.

While the survey started along this line has not been completed, tests made, in certain areas have determined the land as requiring drainage of an expensive nature.

When the final report is made with recommendations concerning the proposed expansion, the Board plans to go over the entire project in some detail, particularly with regard to the present cemetery rates as compared with rales in nearby communities.

At that time, it is stated, Mr. Willett’s suggestion regarding the land he would offer for sale to the town for cemetery purposes; will be given consideration.

It has also been revealed at the Municipal Building that a request was submitted some time ago for permission to set aside land in Norwood for use as a Jewish cemetery. No action has been taken up in connection with the cemetery survey.