The Guild Theatre, now Conrad’s Restaurant, was designed by Harry J. Korslund.

It is really gratifying to make public mention, in a review of this nature, of one of our own local citizens who has gained a fine reputation, throughout this section of the state, as a most capable architect, as is attested to by well-merited patronage that he has received from this entire territory, namely. Mr. Harry J. Korslund, located at 163 Nahatan Street, here in Norwood, telephone Norwood 06G6 or 1172-M.

The work of the architect is held in the highest regard in it’s relation to every phase of building endeavor, as it is due to his creative ability and oftentimes to his artistic skill that the realization of a beautiful and useful structure is accomplished. Before a spadeful of earth is turned, or a brick laid, every detail of the structure has been planned by the architect, who in his sketches gives the public the idea of the composite effects embodied in the new building as well as it’s features of construction.

Prominent in the architectural field both here and through a large section of the state, Mr. Korslund has been responsible for the designing of many notable latter-day structures of varied types, such as the Emmanuel Lutheran Church, the re-construction of the Guild Theatre, the beautiful Lewis Restaurant, two commissions for the Harvard Business School, many beautiful residences in this community, the A & P Super Market and new First National Market, now under construction, and his latest important commission as architect for the H. O. Peabody School for Girls.

With the rapid up-building of our own territory, wc feel that Harry J. Korslund will prove to be a decided asset in its progress. He is at all times courteous and accommodating and he can be reached very conveniently The general satisfaction expressed by his many clients and the great demand for his services constitute a well-merited tribute to his efficiency and conscientious methods.

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In our business and professional review, we commend Mr. Harry J. Korslund upon the very valuable work that he is doing and we certainly direct your attention to his efficient efforts as very worthy of your fullest consideration and patronage.