Specialized Lubrication

Battery Service — General Tires & Tubes

Located on Broadway, Norwood, telephone Norwood 1298, the Town Square Filling Station, Inc., is a very popular stopping place .for local and out-of-town motorists, offering, here, a most complete and convenient service, truly a “One Stop Service.”

They feature excellent products which have obtained an enviable reputation as being among- the highest test gasoline and oils of the day such as the well-known Shell Products. It makes no difference whether it is for the passenger car, truck or tractor, you will find that the Town Square Filling Station, Inc has the fuel that will suit your every need.

Under the able direction of Michael J (Mickey) Keohane, who established this place in 1929, this service station has inaugurated a call and delivery service for their many patrons for expert crankcase \çrviee9 the tuning up of motors, tires, and tubes, and last but not least, especially at this season of the year, an excellent battery service.

They offer an excellent service, too, in the lubrication of cars and the advanced equipment, here, makes it possible to scrvTîe you while you wait. While we are on this subject, let us suggest to you who visit the Norwood Sports Center or the Theatre, to leave your car here, which is close by, and while you are enjoying yourself, you can have the job that you want done and which you have been unable to take care of during the day This is truly a great convenience for many of our local people.

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We are happy to mention these facts, in our review, in reference to the Town Square Filling Station, Inc., which is rendering so able an all-around service to the public, and we suggest that before you take any trip, to stop in here and let these experts put your car in the beat of condition.